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Minecraft: Your game, your server

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Install GeyserMC Minecraft

GeyserMC allows players of the Java and Bedrock Edition to play on the same server.
This guide explains how to install the mod and the settings that need to be made.

Tip: We recommend using an FTP program such as Filezilla.

  1. Download the following plugins:

  2. Create a configuration for Spigot.

  3. Do not start the configuration! The server status must be “Server not running”.

  4. Connect to your FTP program with the Savegames-FTP.
    You can find the login details in the FTP overview when you click on FTP.

  5. Upload both plugins to the following directory:
    Note: You can find the ConfigID or Configuration ID for your server on our website under Gameserver.
    If your ConfigID is, for example, 123456, it will look like this: /123456/minecraft-data/plugins.

  6. Start your server and then stop it.

  7. Download the config.yml from the following directory:

  8. change the following setting under bedrock:

    • Line 19 clone-remote-port:: From false to true.
  9. Modify the following settings under remote:

    • Line 45 port:: Enter the port of your server here if it is not 25565!
    • Line 49 auth-type:: Change from online to floodgate
  10. Save your changes and upload the file.

  11. Start your server.