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incl. common mods
From 4,49 / month

ARK: Survival Evolved

automatic mod system
From 4,99 Euro / month

Farming Simulator 22

inc. all DLC's
From 2.26 Euro / month

Teamspeak 3

Now with the new free Teamspeak Hub
From 0.90 Euro / month
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Ready to play in no time
From 4,99 Euro / month


game version selectable
From 4,99 Euro / month


Your private server
From 4,99 Euro / month


Your private server
From 4,99 Euro / month

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Game Server: Rent and start playing

Gaming is a way of playing that has been around for a long time. But it is simply more fun to play together with several people. This is very easy: You can rent a game server with us and get started. There are several reasons to rent a game server from us: We convince through a very simple and intuitive administration and through a large selection of games (more than 100). In our more than 20 years of existence, we have worked our way up to become one of the largest providers of game servers in Europe. We are particularly proud of this.
The advantages of renting a game server are obvious: The games are always online, you can join at any time and quickly set up the server in just a few minutes. For you this means:

→ Immediately ready to play → Intuitive administration → Best value for money

Many players also appreciate with our product that we offer an individual customization of the server through a large mod selection and through an automatic mod system.
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gameserver banner

Game Server: order, pay, log in and off you go

It is really easy to rent a game server from us. You can simply choose a model on our site, order, pay and you can log in. Your game fun is then nothing more in the way.
In one thing we do not save, however: This is the security. If you want to rent a game server from us, you can rely on the fact that we take security seriously. We automatically perform updates and backups and are also well prepared against a possible DDos attack. Unlike other providers, we do not shut down the server that is affected, but filter out the bad traffic (attacks) from the good traffic (normal data traffic). This way you can continue playing even in case of a DDos attack. It is therefore safe to rent a game server with us. This suffers neither the gaming fun, nor your data.

Game Server with Teamspeak

The special thing about renting a game server from us is that you can not only play together with others, but also talk to them and create strategies together. For this purpose we use Teamspeak. Teamspeak is a reliable voice over IP solution that gamers around the world rely on. Its advantages:

- Clear communication
- Hardly any delay
- Easy to use
- Excellent performance
- High reliability

It is very easy to use this Teamspeak: You don't have to worry about anything in the process. We set everything up. This means that if you want to rent a game server from us, you will receive the finished product just a few minutes after placing your order, which you can use immediately.

Game Server from 4netplayers: comprehensive service

As you can see, there are many good and technical reasons to rent a game server. But beyond the pure technical requirements, we also convince thanks to our so-called soft factors. If you have questions about our product "Rent a game server" or about other products, you can ask us anytime. We are available on weekdays between 10 and 20 clock speech and answer and on Saturday you can reach us between 12 and 15 clock.
You can reach us by mail, by phone and also on through our live chat. Of course, this service is completely free of charge for you.


What makes 4Netplayers so special? We have years of experience and can look back on a long history of exclusive deals with game publishers

DDoS Protection
Many hosters in the gaming environment then switch off the affected server. Not so with 4Netplayers! In several steps the attacks (bad traffic) are filtered out by the regular data traffic (good traffic). This happens without any loss of latency (ping), so that normal gaming is possible even under attack conditions.
Convenient payment model
4Netplayers offers a convenient subscription model. And we practically go into advance payment. The server does not stop immediately once your credit is used up! This guarantees a server that is always running*. You can cancel your subscription anytime on a monthly basis, but you can also sign up for longer periods at a discount. An immediate tariff change allows immediate adjustments to your tariff.
Game change in seconds
You have one tariff, a fixed monthly amount, and can create and start servers for all our games and mods (over 120 games in total). You are playing CounterStrike and your fellow players are nagging that you would rather play Battlefield - no problem, 5 minutes later you have a Battlefield server up and running at no extra cost.

DDoS protection at 4Netplayers

Corero smartwall "First Line of Defense"

Location is the freenet data center
multi-stage high performance filtering system
no shutdown of the server when an attack occurs
Included in all products free of charge
Why should I rent a game server from you?
We have over 20 years of experience in the field and stand out for our high security standards and great service. We have over 100 games, offer real-time support, perform regular automatic updates and backups, and are secured against DDos attacks.
I want to rent a game server: How long does it take until I can play?
A few minutes maximum. It is very easy to rent a game server from us. Just go to our site, order the server, choose a payment method, log in, choose from over 100 games and start playing. Have fun!
What are the advantages of Teamspeak?
If you rent a game server from us, you can also order Teamspeak. This way you can communicate with other gamers while playing and develop strategies together. Teamspeak is characterized by an easy operation, excellent performance, a very high reliability and a very clear communication.

Support - we help when things get stuck

We are here for you Mon.-Fri. from 10 AM - 8 PM and on weekends from 10 AM - 3 PM.

Live support
The innovative live support allows instant and free help via a chat system
Telephone support
You can reach us quickly and easily via our hotline. We take the costs!
Email support
E-mail support around the clock - we answer quickly and competently!