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Minecraft: Your game, your server

Minecraft Rent server
from 3.62
AUD /month
from 4.38
BGN /month
from 12.84
BRL /month
from 3.29
CAD /month
from 2.14
CHF /month
from 17.37
CNY /month
from 55.41
CZK /month
from 16.71
DKK /month
from 2.24
EUR /month
from 1.89
GBP /month
from 18.70
HKD /month
from 16.88
HRK /month
from 891.52
HUF /month
from 39,462.53
IDR /month
from 8.93
ILS /month
from 199.96
INR /month
from 333.98
ISK /month
from 375.87
JPY /month
from 3,316.99
KRW /month
from 44.46
MXN /month
from 11.30
MYR /month
from 25.54
NOK /month
from 3.90
NZD /month
from 140.40
PHP /month
from 9.80
PLN /month
from 11.15
RON /month
from 262.53
RUB /month
from 25.25
SEK /month
from 3.24
SGD /month
from 87.87
THB /month
from 78.14
TRY /month
from 2.39
USD /month
from 43.91
ZAR /month
from 13.83
date /month

Keep Inventory in Minecraft after Death

By default, you lose your inventory when you die.
However, you can prevent this with a simple command.

To use the commands mentioned here, you first need to make yourself an admin.
You can learn how to do that here: How to Become an Admin.

  1. Connect to your server.
  2. Open the chat and enter the following command (pay attention to capitalization): /gamerule keepInventory true.
  3. Save the game: /save-all.

Important: You must save the game, otherwise the change will be reverted when the server is stopped or restarted.