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FTP area

There are several FTP servers in our system, each of which with its own function.

Login data

Access to the FTP differs only in the host name/server.
Otherwise, the user name and password are identical.

You can view the required login data for your server at any time in our web interface.
Click on the name of your server in the server overview or on the grey cogwheel.
Then click on FTP on the left.
Below the name of the FTP area you will now see the respective login data.

Upload FTP

For almost every game there is an upload FTP where you can upload mods, maps or plugins.
Only the files that have been uploaded are visible! The Upload FTP is not a direct FTP access.
You can create any missing directories yourself.

Logs FTP

A logs FTP is available for each game, where you can view or download the log files after each server stop or restart,
you can view or download the log files.

Demos FTP

A Demos FTP is available for a few games.
Demos are saved there when the server has recorded a demo.
E.g. SourceTV or HLTV

Saves FTP

For many games a Saves FTP is available.
Worlds, game states, savegames or files are saved here which were created automatically by the server itself (e.g. by Minecraft plugins).
The server must be completely stopped before uploading via FTP.
The server status must be Server not running!
Otherwise the server will overwrite any change you have made when you start, stop or restart the server.

Important: in general, you should always make a backup of the files before changing them.
The server can no longer start if the files are faulty.


FTP is generally not available for Teamspeak servers.
It is not possible to install plugins or scripts on our Teamspeak server.