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Support may ask you to create a tracert.

There is a small tool called WINMTR available on

Download and extract it, then start it.
After launching the program, enter the server IP address behind “Host” and click on “Start”.
Once the program has performed a tracert to the IP address for about one minute, click on “Stop”.
You can then either use “Copy Text to Clipboard” to copy the result and paste it in an email to the support,
or select “Export Text” to save the result as a text file and attach it to your email to the support.

However, this will only provide us with a tracert from you to us, so we also need a tracert from us to you.
You can use the script provided by us to perform this tracert:

Please note that both tracerts need to be done at the same time, and the time when you performed these tracerts must be indicated.