Language & Currency


StarBound: Your game, your server

StarBound Rent server
from 8.11
AUD /month
from 9.76
BGN /month
from 28.67
BRL /month
from 7.38
CAD /month
from 4.80
CHF /month
from 38.84
CNY /month
from 123.28
CZK /month
from 37.22
DKK /month
from 4.99
EUR /month
from 4.20
GBP /month
from 41.82
HKD /month
from 37.61
HRK /month
from 1,969.20
HUF /month
from 87,267.12
IDR /month
from 19.92
ILS /month
from 447.48
INR /month
from 746.01
ISK /month
from 840.62
JPY /month
from 7,381.36
KRW /month
from 98.31
MXN /month
from 25.27
MYR /month
from 57.34
NOK /month
from 8.74
NZD /month
from 314.72
PHP /month
from 21.66
PLN /month
from 24.83
RON /month
from 584.83
RUB /month
from 56.12
SEK /month
from 7.24
SGD /month
from 196.77
THB /month
from 173.35
TRY /month
from 5.35
USD /month
from 99.59
ZAR /month
from 30.55
date /month

Downloading Savegame in StarBound

In this article, we will describe how you can download your savegame for StarBound.

Tip: We recommend using an FTP program like Filezilla.

Follow these steps:

  1. Stop your server. The status of your server must be Server Offline!
  2. Connect to the Savegames-FTP) using your FTP program.
    You can find the login data in the FTP overview when you click on FTP.
  3. Your savegame is located in the following directory:
    Note: The ConfigID or Configuration ID for your server can be found on our page under Gameserver.
    For example, if your ConfigID is 123456, it would look like this: /123456/data/universe
  4. Download the universe folder.