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StarBound: Your game, your server

StarBound Rent server
from 8.11
AUD /month
from 9.76
BGN /month
from 28.67
BRL /month
from 7.38
CAD /month
from 4.80
CHF /month
from 38.84
CNY /month
from 123.28
CZK /month
from 37.22
DKK /month
from 4.99
EUR /month
from 4.20
GBP /month
from 41.82
HKD /month
from 37.61
HRK /month
from 1,969.20
HUF /month
from 87,267.12
IDR /month
from 19.92
ILS /month
from 447.48
INR /month
from 746.01
ISK /month
from 840.62
JPY /month
from 7,381.36
KRW /month
from 98.31
MXN /month
from 25.27
MYR /month
from 57.34
NOK /month
from 8.74
NZD /month
from 314.72
PHP /month
from 21.66
PLN /month
from 24.83
RON /month
from 584.83
RUB /month
from 56.12
SEK /month
from 7.24
SGD /month
from 196.77
THB /month
from 173.35
TRY /month
from 5.35
USD /month
from 99.59
ZAR /month
from 30.55
date /month

Create Server Password StarBound

Setting a general server password is not possible.
Instead, you need to first create a “user account” in the starbound_server.config file.
To be able to edit it, the server must be in Advanced Mode.

Open your server for editing by clicking on its name in the server list.
Alternatively, you can click on the gray gear icon.

Then, click on starbound_server.config on the left and scroll to:
"allowAnonymousConnections" : true,
Change the entry as follows:
"allowAnonymousConnections" : false,

With this change, players will now have to enter a username and password when connecting.
For these players, an entry must be created in the starbound_server.config file.
The entry for a user looks like this:

      "serverUsers" : {
         "UserName" : {
             "admin" : false,
             "password" : "YourPW"

Replace UserName with the name of the user you want to allow to join the server.
The entry could look like this:

      "serverUsers" : {
         "Urizen" : {
             "admin" : false,
             "password" : "TestPW"

And with multiple users:

      "serverUsers" : {
         "Max" : {
             "admin" : false,
             "password" : "TestPW1"
         "Mix" : {
             "admin" : false,
             "password" : "TestPW2"
         "Mox" : {
             "admin" : false,
             "password" : "TestPW3"

Then click on Save and restart your server.

Note: Admins are created in a similar way.
How to do that is described here: How to Become an Admin