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Our ARK: Survival Evolved servers are available immediately after placing your order. Aberration ready.

  • Online right away
  • Dedicated data centre
  • Very latest server hardware
  • World-wide peerings
  • Top quality at the lowest price

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Why us?

Servers from 4Netplayers with the very latest hardware and the best connection

  • Server online right away
  • Dedicated data centre
  • Top quality at the lowest price
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free support

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Dedicated data centre with guaranteed low latency

  • Dedicated data centre
  • World-wide peerings
  • Very latest server hardware
  • Dual Intel Xeon, 40 cores, 256+ GB RAM
  • Highly optimised Linux kernel

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One-on-one, trained support by telephone, even on Sundays and holidays

  • One-on-one customer service
  • Free support
  • Also on Sundays and holidays

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TS3 is the reliable Voice Over IP solution for gamers throughout the world.

  • Server online right away
  • Voice flat-rate, inc. traffic
  • Fixed IP and port
  • All codecs available
  • Free support

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Mobile App

4Netplayers server manager mobile app for your phone and tablet

  • Game- & Procon Layer server
  • TeamSpeak Server & SinusBot
  • For iOS 7.1 and above
  • For Android 4.0.3 and above
  • Quick. Easy. Clear.

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The location

The entire infrastructure of our game servers and Teamspeak servers is in the centre of Germany, at the heart of Europe. Using outstanding connections to large European peerings and providers, we are able to guarantee the lowest pings in the game server field. The result is that the server is open to a very wide audience, no matter which country you're from. The server can me started and managed in just a couple of mouse clicks - immediately after placing your order, without waiting, directly online!

freenet Backbone

The hardware we use

For our hardware, we rely exclusively on current server hardware that can satisfy the highest demands. Furthermore, we only the latest generation dual CPUs.

  • Dual Intel Xeon CPUs each with up to 40 cores
  • 256+ GB RAM
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Linux CentOS with a highly optimised kernel

The 4Netplayers machine park (cluster system) provides optimum conditions on each game server at all times. No matter which game and how many players are playing it, we guarantee sufficient power for all game servers - always.

Safe Protection at No Extra Charge

To us, protection against DDoS attacks is part of the service, which is why we don't charge you for it. Protection against DDoS attacks is free and included in all our products. DDoS Protection at 4Netplayers
DDoS Protection at 4Netplayers

The 4Netplayers web interface

The web interface we use to manage servers in one of the most powerful and customer friendly interfaces on the market. Just a couple of clicks and you can set up, manage or launch various game servers, such as Counter-Strike, Battlefield and Call of Duty. The big advantage of this is that each customer can set up, save and start as many different game servers with one or various games as they wish, all with just game server tariff.

Multi-game server with a wide selection

  4Netplayers is one of the few multi-game server providers that allows players to play all of the games we have on offer on a single game server and with just one tariff. And all of this usually from the first day of a game's release. While others are fighting over the free slots on the few public servers, our customers are already starting up their very own servers, with just a couple of clicks and without any additional costs!


As one of the largest game server providers in Europe, we maintain trusting relationships with a range of games manufacturers and are able to offer our customers exclusive Ranked servers that store promotions, weapons and honours, and for many games and compares them with other players worldwide in a large ranking list.


The ideal game server for training or clan wars, for tournaments, leagues and ladder matches, where it's a matter of victory or defeat. Statistics such as promotions, weapons and honours are neither stored nor published in a ranking list nor compared with other players.

How does 4Netplayers work?

  It is our motivation to provide each customer with a steady, qualitatively high-value gaming environment. As well as a lag-free game, this also means low latency (ping), to ensure the perfect and successful gaming experience. This is guaranteed by our proprietary cluster system, controlling the entire machine park in our data centre and constantly providing each game server with enough power. All work and computing power are always distributed so that each unit has the best conditions for optimum play.