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Sons Of The Forest: Your game, your server

Sons Of The Forest Rent server
from 4.33
AUD /month
from 5.26
BGN /month
from 15.85
BRL /month
from 3.95
CAD /month
from 2.59
CHF /month
from 20.91
CNY /month
from 67.32
CZK /month
from 20.06
DKK /month
from 2.69
EUR /month
from 2.28
GBP /month
from 22.49
HKD /month
from 20.27
HRK /month
from 1,062.82
HUF /month
from 47,040.57
IDR /month
from 10.81
ILS /month
from 240.08
INR /month
from 400.54
ISK /month
from 462.52
JPY /month
from 3,967.37
KRW /month
from 52.63
MXN /month
from 13.58
MYR /month
from 30.66
NOK /month
from 4.73
NZD /month
from 168.29
PHP /month
from 11.59
PLN /month
from 13.39
RON /month
from 315.27
RUB /month
from 30.56
SEK /month
from 3.90
SGD /month
from 105.77
THB /month
from 94.65
TRY /month
from 2.88
USD /month
from 52.45
ZAR /month
from 19.13
date /month

Download Savegame in Sons of The Forest

In this article, we will describe how you can download your savegame for Sons of The Forest.
Tip: We recommend using an FTP program such as Filezilla.

Follow these steps:

  1. Stop your server. The status of your server should be Server not running!
  2. Connect to your FTP program with the Savegames-FTP.
    You can find the login details in the FTP overview when you click on FTP.
  3. Your savegame can be found in the following directory:
    Note: You can find the ConfigID or Configuration ID for your server on our site under Gameserver.
    If your ConfigID is 123456, the whole thing would look like this: /123456/Saves/DedicatedServer/Multiplayer
  4. Download the Saves folder.