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ArmA 3: Your game, your server

ArmA 3 Rent server
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Admin commands in Arma 3

The following commands are written in the in-game chat.

Admin Commands

  • #login AdminPW: Logs you in as an admin on the server. Only one admin can be logged in at a time!
  • #logout: Logs you out as an admin from the server.
  • #mission [Difficulty]: Starts the selected mission, difficulty is optional and does not need to be specified.
    Example: ##mission MP_CombatPatrol_04.Malden custom would start the mission CombatPatrol_04 with the Custom difficulty.
  • #missions: Opens an overview of available missions.
  • #restart: Restarts the mission.
  • #reassign: Restarts the mission and allows re-selection of roles.
  • #shutdown: Stops the server.
  • #init: Reloads the server’s configuration files.
  • #restartserver: Restarts the server.
  • #shutdownserveraftermission: Stops the server after the mission is completed.
  • #restartserveraftermission: Restarts the server after the mission is completed.
  • #exec ban Name/Player##/UserID: Bans the specified player from the server.
    Either the player’s name, player number, or SteamID64 can be specified.
    Example: ##exec ban Playa bans the player with the name Playa.
  • #monitor seconds: Displays server performance information. Enter ##monitor 0 to disable output.

User Commands

  • #userlist: Displays a list of connected players.
  • #vote missions: Players can vote for a mission overview.
  • #vote mission : Players can vote for a mission, e.g. ##vote mission MP_CombatPatrol_04.Malden
  • #vote admin Name/Player##/UserID: Players can choose an admin.
  • #vote kick Name/Player##/UserID: Players can kick a player from the server.
  • #vote restart: Players vote on a mission restart.
  • #vote reassign: Players vote on a reassignment of assigned roles.

Adding an Admin

You can designate players as admins using their SteamID64 in the CONFIG_server.cfg file.
You will need the SteamID64, which you can obtain, among other ways, from here: https://steamid.io
Your server must also be in Advanced mode.

Enter the players as follows:


You can then simply log in as an admin on the server using the #login command without specifying a password.