Language & Currency


7 Days To Die: Your game, your server

7 Days To Die Rent server
from 9.63
AUD /month
from 11.72
BGN /month
from 35.40
BRL /month
from 8.89
CAD /month
from 5.84
CHF /month
from 47.31
CNY /month
from 151.79
CZK /month
from 44.69
DKK /month
from 5.99
EUR /month
from 5.03
GBP /month
from 50.93
HKD /month
from 45.14
HRK /month
from 2,347.48
HUF /month
from 105,131.09
IDR /month
from 23.68
ILS /month
from 544.84
INR /month
from 894.31
ISK /month
from 1,035.49
JPY /month
from 8,972.36
KRW /month
from 115.67
MXN /month
from 30.46
MYR /month
from 70.10
NOK /month
from 10.67
NZD /month
from 380.80
PHP /month
from 25.49
PLN /month
from 29.79
RON /month
from 702.03
RUB /month
from 68.86
SEK /month
from 8.76
SGD /month
from 235.81
THB /month
from 215.43
TRY /month
from 6.52
USD /month
from 117.37
ZAR /month
from 42.84
date /month

Installing Mods for 7 Days to Die

Mods can be easily installed using FTP. Simply connect to the Upload-FTP using an FTP client such as FileZilla.
To ensure that the mods are recognized by the server, they need to be uploaded to the correct location.

For example, 456789/Mods/Modname

In this example, 456789 is the configuration ID.
If the Mods folder doesn’t exist, simply create it.
If you have 456789/Mods/Modname/ModInfo.xml, then you have done everything correctly.
After restarting the server, the mod should be active.

Important: Note that the directories and ModInfo.xml are case-sensitive!
If the directory or the ModInfo.xml is not named correctly, the mod will not load.
The directory must be Mods and the file ModInfo.xml.