Unturned – Update Notes

Changelog: Added: Alt hotkey to remove baked foliage with paint brush. “Disable” option for sensitivity scaling mode. Terrain material editor filter for only in-use materials. Terrain material and foliage editor name filters. Kick threshold for significantly exceeding per-RPC rate limits. Changed: Separated terrain editor brush strength value for each tool. Assetbundle hash is included in […]

Beyond The Wire – Hotfix: 0.15.2 Released!

Attention Soldiers! Today we are releasing another Hotfix for Beyond The Wire. The details for this Hotfix are below. Thank you for your continued support and we’ll see you on the front lines! At ease, – The Beyond The Wire Team Summary The 0.15.2 Hotfix addresses various, gameplay and visual issues since the 0.15.1 release. […]

Atlas – Patch v543.00 – Season 9 Patch and Wipe

Ahoy Pathfinders! The time has come for new adventures to begin again in the world of Atlas. While familiar, the seas have shifted and hold new mysteries and challenges for both new and old pathfinders alike. With the recent discovery of the Golden Age ruins, pathfinders will find themselves tested by new adversaries that will […]

ECO – Update 9.5.2 released!

Hey Eco Citizens, we’re releasing Update 9.5.2 to address some more of the problems you have been reporting: Fixed: The client would sometimes crash with error message related to concurrent updates Fixed: Setting the Weight Multiplier could cause incorrect weight calculations in inventories Fixed: Increasing the Stack Size multiplier allowed more than one upgrade to […]

ECO – Update 9.5.1 released!

Hey Eco Citizens, today we’re releasing Update 9.5.1, adding some polish for and fixing some of the notable bugs with some of the new additions in Update 9.5. This update should bring improved stability and includes several fixes for crashes and failed migrations. We also have included some changes to the chat channel system and […]

7 Days to Die – A20.5 b2 EXP

Hello everyone! Please take your time and have a look at the new EXP build. This build tackles several reasons that did cause crashes for some users. We are seeing reports of the Discord overlay potentially crashing the game, please read here. We hope in this EXP build, everyone can play again. If you are still […]

Animalia – Update

Hello Wild Friends Hello everyone we made adjustments in the Administrator panel so that admin can add the birth points, and skins were added in the cosmetics area Animals -Skins of all animals added in the cosmetics area now as soon as you choose the slot you can change the skin Hippopotamus -Increased swimming speed […]

Beyond The Wire – Hotfix: 0.15.1 Released!

Welcome Soldiers! The 0.15.1 Hotfix addresses various gameplay and visual issues since the 0.15 release. Optimization / General Fixes   Fixes – Unintended gathering of XP – Third person voiceover for ANZAC hearable everywhere – Some Universal roles were not selectable – T-Gewehr missing ammo display – Removed tank from roles where it was not […]

RUST – Above-ground Trains Update

Above-Ground Trains We wanted to get some trains onto the above-ground rails this month. We have some more train content in the works, but for this initial release we’re mostly reusing existing assets in order to provide something to try out until that content is ready. The above-ground Work Cart closely resembles the underground one, […]

Longvinter – Update 1.0.5 Notes

This week’s update is here a bit early. Here are all the changes that made it in: Fixed the turret bug where they would shoot their owner while aiming down a gun Fixed the melee exploit Added “a share house with team” button in the workbench menu Made admin log events do line break instead […]