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Euro Truck Simulator 2: Your game, your server

Rent server
from 3.73
AUD /month
from 4.38
BGN /month
from 11.92
BRL /month
from 3.26
CAD /month
from 2.14
CHF /month
from 17.52
CNY /month
from 54.90
CZK /month
from 16.71
DKK /month
from 2.24
EUR /month
from 1.92
GBP /month
from 18.81
HKD /month
from 16.88
HRK /month
from 860.38
HUF /month
from 36,909.38
IDR /month
from 9.21
ILS /month
from 199.30
INR /month
from 321.89
ISK /month
from 352.04
JPY /month
from 3,194.11
KRW /month
from 42.16
MXN /month
from 11.23
MYR /month
from 25.59
NOK /month
from 4.05
NZD /month
from 136.27
PHP /month
from 10.40
PLN /month
from 11.12
RON /month
from 262.53
RUB /month
from 26.61
SEK /month
from 3.27
SGD /month
from 85.23
THB /month
from 64.56
TRY /month
from 2.40
USD /month
from 45.40
ZAR /month
from 20.43
date /month

How to become an admin in Euro Truck Simulator 2

Important: You have to set your server to Advanced Mode to be able to add an admin.
The server must remain in Advanced Mode or otherwise your changes will be reset!

information: You need the SteamID64 of the players who should become admin.
We describe here how you can get it: SteamID herausfinden .

Add Admin

Locate the following line in server_config.sii:
moderator_list: 0
This is where the individual admins are added.
Replace 0 with the total number of admins.
For example, with 3 admins, the line looks like this:
moderator_list: 3
The individual admins are added below this line, for example:
moderator_list[0]: 76561197979226165
Increase the value [0] by 1 for each admin added.
With 3 admins the config entry looks like this:

moderator_list: 3
moderator_list[0]: 76561197979226165
moderator_list[1]: 76561197979226166
moderator_list[2]: 76561197979226167

Click Save and restart your server.