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Euro Truck Simulator 2: Your game, your server

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Rent server
from 3.64
AUD /month
from 4.38
BGN /month
from 12.87
BRL /month
from 3.31
CAD /month
from 2.16
CHF /month
from 17.44
CNY /month
from 55.34
CZK /month
from 16.71
DKK /month
from 2.24
EUR /month
from 1.89
GBP /month
from 18.77
HKD /month
from 16.88
HRK /month
from 883.97
HUF /month
from 39,174.02
IDR /month
from 8.94
ILS /month
from 200.87
INR /month
from 334.88
ISK /month
from 377.35
JPY /month
from 3,313.48
KRW /month
from 44.13
MXN /month
from 11.34
MYR /month
from 25.74
NOK /month
from 3.92
NZD /month
from 141.28
PHP /month
from 9.72
PLN /month
from 11.15
RON /month
from 262.53
RUB /month
from 25.19
SEK /month
from 3.25
SGD /month
from 88.33
THB /month
from 77.82
TRY /month
from 2.40
USD /month
from 44.70
ZAR /month
from 13.71
date /month

Create Game Server Login Token for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Create Game Server Login Token

To create your token, log in to the following page:
In the AppID field, enter the following ID: 227300.
In the Memo field, you can add a short note, e.g. My Euro Truck Simulator 2 Server.
Click on Create .

Important: Tokens expire over time and need to be renewed.
To do this, simply log in to the page.
Then, when you hover your cursor over the GSLT, buttons will appear on the right.
These buttons can be used, among other things, to renew the GSLT.

Enter Game Server Login Token

Basic Mode

In Basic Mode, enter the token under Server Settings.
Then click on Save and restart the server.

Advanced Mode

In Advanced Mode, enter the token in the server_config.sii file.
Find the following line: server_logon_token: "".
Enter your token between the "".
Then click on Save and restart the server.