Language & Currency


Astroneer: Your game, your server

Astroneer Rent server
from 9.63
AUD /month
from 11.72
BGN /month
from 35.40
BRL /month
from 8.89
CAD /month
from 5.84
CHF /month
from 47.31
CNY /month
from 151.79
CZK /month
from 44.69
DKK /month
from 5.99
EUR /month
from 5.03
GBP /month
from 50.93
HKD /month
from 45.14
HRK /month
from 2,347.48
HUF /month
from 105,131.09
IDR /month
from 23.68
ILS /month
from 544.84
INR /month
from 894.31
ISK /month
from 1,035.49
JPY /month
from 8,972.36
KRW /month
from 115.67
MXN /month
from 30.46
MYR /month
from 70.10
NOK /month
from 10.67
NZD /month
from 380.80
PHP /month
from 25.49
PLN /month
from 29.79
RON /month
from 702.03
RUB /month
from 68.86
SEK /month
from 8.76
SGD /month
from 235.81
THB /month
from 215.43
TRY /month
from 6.52
USD /month
from 117.37
ZAR /month
from 42.84
date /month

How to connect to your ASTRONEER server

ASTRONEER does not have a classic server browser, so you need to manually add your server in the game.
And it’s very simple. You just need the IP address and port of your server.

Start your game and then click on the magnifying glass icon in the toolbar:

  1. Click on “Add Dedicated Server”
  2. Enter the IP and port of your server in the Server URL field, for example:
  3. You can give a nickname to the server entry in the Server Nickname field, for example: “My ASTRONEER Server”
  4. Finally, click on “Add Server”

Once you select the entry you just created, you can join your server.