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ARK: Survival Evolved: Your game, your server

ARK: Survival Evolved Rent server
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Changing the Map on my Ark Server

The map can be easily changed using the web interface.

In Basic Mode

Simply set the desired map to the first position in the map cycle and restart the server.

In Advanced Mode

Simply set the desired map as the starting map using the command line and restart the server.

Custom Map

If you want to play Catania on your server, please follow these steps:

If the server is in Basic Mode:

  1. Go to Mod Settings -> Add the ID 1655855435 to the modifications and save.
  2. In the Mapcycle section, enter /Game/Mods/1655855435/Catania_P in the field “Custom Map:” and click the + button next to the box.
  3. Move the map to the top in the right window, save, and start/restart the server.

If the server is in Advanced Mode:

  1. Edit the configuration -> GameUserSettings.ini.
  2. Add the ID 1655855435 to the value “ActiveMods=” and save.
  3. In the Commandline section, set the “Map to Start” to Custom.
  4. In the Custom Map to start field, write /Game/Mods/1655855435/Catania_P, save, and start/restart the server.