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The world is destroyed after the nuclear world war and lies in ruins, you are one of the few survivors and must collect food and useful tools on supply runs to ensure your survival. But it's not that easy: Zombies make your life difficult and try to kill you. Does that sound familiar?
Rent a 7 Days to Die server now and organize your survival in the post-apocalypse. Play alone or in multiplayer with others.
In a brutal, merciless and post-apocalyptic world overrun by the undead, you fight in 7DTD for bare survival. In a combination of first-person shooter, tower defense, role-playing and survival horror, you not only develop characters, but also scavenge, research, mine and learn the crafting and combat systems. And it's all always accessible with a 7 Days to Die server from 4Netplayers.
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Ready to play in no time
Simple configuration
Automatic backups

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EUR / month
Favourable entry
For small to medium world sizes
and 8 simultaneous players
EUR 5,78 / month
12 slots / players
Best price/performance ratio
For medium to large worlds
and 12 simultaneous players
EUR 7,78 / month
16 slots / players
Powerful servers for premium gaming fun
For big worlds
and 16 simultaneous players
*Price incl. tax Price is valid for the first month, following months may vary. No shipping or setup costs.
4.5 out of 5 stars with 5508 ratings

Instant set-up
The server is ready to play just a few minutes after ordering.
Cloud game server
Over 120 games and mods are available at no extra cost. New games are automatically included.
Customer support
We have a professional team for your questions, available free of charge by phone, chat and mail.
Update service
We take care of all updates. As soon as an update is available, it is installed by our system.
Mod system
If supported by the game, enter Steamworkshop-ID and the server will automatically install the mod.
Web interface
Easy creation and management of your server. No previous knowledge is necessary.
Server hardware
We only use the latest server hardware, fast CPUs, SSD and lots of RAM.
Payment system
Paypal, direct debit (SEPA), credit card, Paysafecard and more are available as payment options.
DDOS protection
Protection system so that there is no interruption of the game in case of attack..

Just rent a 4Netplayers server - we take care of the rest

7 Days To Die - Are you up to the challenge?

As one of the largest and with 20 years of experience one of the oldest server providers in Europe, we offer our customers the highest quality at a reasonable price. Only the latest hardware is good enough for us to ensure the basis for a lag-free game, crystal-clear communication and low pings for your 7DTD server in our data center in the heart of Europe.
With us, you don't have to wait: You can start right after ordering and with our web interface, which is specially tailored to your needs, you have all the tools available to easily and conveniently set up and start a Game or TeamSpeak server.

When you rent a 7 Days To Die server from us, you get unlimited gaming fun.
Additional advantages of renting a 7 Days To Die server from us:
→ Intuitive web interface → Set up server in just a few minutes → Ready to play immediately → Teamspeak server available
CPU cores

Our technology

Modern server hardware and excellent connectivity!

At our computer centers, we only use state-of-the-art server hardware operating in a special cluster system developed by our game server experts. The servers are equipped with Intel Xeon processors, fast SSDs and up to 248 GB of RAM. This not only enables them to start at lightening speed, and perform comprenhesive and reliable backups, but also makes your game server run almost totally fail-safe and with breathtaking performance.

The web interface

One of the most efficient on the market

Our server management web interface is one of the most powerful and customer-friendly interfaces on the market. With just a few clicks, you can create, manage, customize and launch multiple game servers such as Counter-Strike, Battlefield or Call of Duty. The big advantage is that each customer can create and start as many game servers as they like. Thanks to our real-time feedback system you always know what your server is doing.
Is it safe to rent a 7 Days to Die from you guys?
Yes, it is safe. We have experience since 2001 and since then we offer our customers the best quality at a fair price. We only use up-to-date hardware for our servers, which are all located in Europe. We perform regular security updates and backups.
How can I play 7 Days to Die quickly and easily?
If you are looking for a 7 Days to Die server to survive in a brutal, merciless and zombie overrun post-apocalyptic world, you have come to the right place at 4netplayers. Just sign up, pay and get started. It's fast, simple and straightforward.

DDoS protection at 4Netplayers

Corero smartwall "First Line of Defense"

Location is the freenet data center
multi-stage high performance filtering system
no shutdown of the server when an attack occurs
Included in all products free of charge

Support: we are there to help if something goes wrong

We are available Mon. to Fri. from 10 am to 8 pm and at weekends from 12 pm to 3 pm.

Live support
The innovative live support allows instant and free help via a chat system
Telephone support
You can reach us quickly and easily via our hotline. We take the costs!
Email support
E-mail support around the clock - we answer quickly and competently!
* At the moment the phone support is only available in German.