Language & Currency


Valheim: Your game, your server

Rent server
from 8.10
AUD /month
from 9.76
BGN /month
from 26.72
BRL /month
from 7.27
CAD /month
from 4.86
CHF /month
from 37.81
CNY /month
from 118.58
CZK /month
from 37.17
DKK /month
from 4.99
EUR /month
from 4.33
GBP /month
from 42.16
HKD /month
from 37.61
HRK /month
from 1,879.88
HUF /month
from 80,484.21
IDR /month
from 19.63
ILS /month
from 446.21
INR /month
from 754.99
ISK /month
from 746.25
JPY /month
from 7,149.47
KRW /month
from 95.23
MXN /month
from 24.48
MYR /month
from 58.39
NOK /month
from 8.59
NZD /month
from 300.70
PHP /month
from 22.56
PLN /month
from 24.84
RON /month
from 584.83
RUB /month
from 56.73
SEK /month
from 7.25
SGD /month
from 185.47
THB /month
from 106.83
TRY /month
from 5.39
USD /month
from 104.22
ZAR /month
from 26.06
date /month

Valheim server not in the list

This is due to the fact that there are many more servers than the server browser can display.
In this case, the only solution is to directly connect using the Steam server browser: How do I connect directly to the server