Language & Currency


Insurgency: Sandstorm: Your game, your server

Rent server
from 8.28
AUD /month
from 9.76
BGN /month
from 27.54
BRL /month
from 7.52
CAD /month
from 4.89
CHF /month
from 38.19
CNY /month
from 117.07
CZK /month
from 37.18
DKK /month
from 4.99
EUR /month
from 4.39
GBP /month
from 43.37
HKD /month
from 37.61
HRK /month
from 1,865.96
HUF /month
from 81,155.36
IDR /month
from 20.09
ILS /month
from 451.84
INR /month
from 749.00
ISK /month
from 743.11
JPY /month
from 7,313.79
KRW /month
from 98.91
MXN /month
from 24.61
MYR /month
from 59.02
NOK /month
from 8.82
NZD /month
from 305.82
PHP /month
from 22.91
PLN /month
from 24.60
RON /month
from 584.83
RUB /month
from 56.59
SEK /month
from 7.33
SGD /month
from 186.78
THB /month
from 107.70
TRY /month
from 5.53
USD /month
from 100.48
ZAR /month
from 25.21
date /month

XP on my Insurgency Sandstorm Server

To activate XP on your server, you will need both a GameServerLoginToken and a GameStatsToken.
To generate a GameServerLoginToken, please follow the instructions provided HERE.

To obtain the GameStatsToken, please follow these steps:

  1. Please go to the following page and log in with your Steam account ->
  2. Then click on “GENERATE TOKEN
  3. Copy the character set behind -GameStatsToken= (everything that is bold).

If your server is in Basic Mode, the token should be entered under Server Settings in the GameStatsToken field.
In Advanced Mode, you will find the corresponding field under Commandline. In both cases, click on Save.