Language & Currency


Farming Simulator 22: Your game, your server

Farming Simulator 22 Rent server
from 3.64
AUD /month
from 4.38
BGN /month
from 12.87
BRL /month
from 3.31
CAD /month
from 2.16
CHF /month
from 17.44
CNY /month
from 55.34
CZK /month
from 16.71
DKK /month
from 2.24
EUR /month
from 1.89
GBP /month
from 18.77
HKD /month
from 16.88
HRK /month
from 883.97
HUF /month
from 39,174.02
IDR /month
from 8.94
ILS /month
from 200.87
INR /month
from 334.88
ISK /month
from 377.35
JPY /month
from 3,313.48
KRW /month
from 44.13
MXN /month
from 11.34
MYR /month
from 25.74
NOK /month
from 3.92
NZD /month
from 141.28
PHP /month
from 9.72
PLN /month
from 11.15
RON /month
from 262.53
RUB /month
from 25.19
SEK /month
from 3.25
SGD /month
from 88.33
THB /month
from 77.82
TRY /month
from 2.40
USD /month
from 44.70
ZAR /month
from 13.71
date /month

How to upload mods FS22

Mods are uploaded exclusively via the web interface of your server.
This works as follows:

  1. log into the webinterface of your server.
    We describe how you can do so here: How to log in to the web interface.
  2. Scroll down and click on Stop.
  3. click on MODS at the top of the page
  4. scroll down to Upload Mods
  5. click on Browse and select your mods to upload
  6. click on Upload.
    Note: The web interface will not show you a progress bar!
    Instead the page will keep refreshing until the upload is complete.
  7. click on HOME at the top of the screen
  8. scroll down to Enable Mods
  9. select the mods you want to use.
  10. click on **Activate
  11. scroll up a bit and click on Start.