Language & Currency


Core Keeper: Your game, your server

Core Keeper Rent server
from 4.32
AUD /month
from 5.26
BGN /month
from 15.90
BRL /month
from 3.99
CAD /month
from 2.62
CHF /month
from 21.25
CNY /month
from 68.17
CZK /month
from 20.07
DKK /month
from 2.69
EUR /month
from 2.26
GBP /month
from 22.87
HKD /month
from 20.27
HRK /month
from 1,054.21
HUF /month
from 47,212.46
IDR /month
from 10.63
ILS /month
from 244.68
INR /month
from 401.62
ISK /month
from 465.02
JPY /month
from 4,029.32
KRW /month
from 51.95
MXN /month
from 13.68
MYR /month
from 31.48
NOK /month
from 4.79
NZD /month
from 171.01
PHP /month
from 11.45
PLN /month
from 13.38
RON /month
from 315.27
RUB /month
from 30.93
SEK /month
from 3.93
SGD /month
from 105.90
THB /month
from 96.75
TRY /month
from 2.93
USD /month
from 52.71
ZAR /month
from 19.24
date /month

Change the difficulty of Core Keeper

The game comes with 5 difficulty levels:

normal + creative2
hardcore + creative3

Important: The difficulty level is saved in the savegame and cannot be changed later.
You must start a new savegame if you want to change the difficulty midgame.

Basic Mode

In Basic Mode you can change the difficulty under Server Settings -> Difficulty.

Advanced Mode

In Advanced Mode you change the difficulty in ServerConfig.json.
Locate the following line:
"worldMode": 0,
Change the 0 to the desired value of the respective difficulty, e.g.:
"worldMode": 4,
for the difficulty casual.

Then click on Save in both modes and start the server.