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Myth of Empires server hosting

  • Playing without stress and insults
  • High-end hardware
  • Free game change
  • Your server, your rules

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Server location:

Individual configuration

Create your own configuration and customize options flexibly

Play with friends on your server

We offer you an incomparable gaming experience on high-performance servers in over 100+ games!

Fast management

  • Immediately available
  • Flexible location change
  • Autoupdate

High reliability

  • Always up-to-date hardware
  • Super fast NVMe disks
  • Automatic backups

Full data access

  • Full database access
  • Full FTP access
  • Task scheduler

Secure payment

Credit card
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Intuitive web interface

Our first-class web interface for server administration impresses with its performance and customer-friendliness. In just a few clicks, you can configure and launch your server, easily integrate mods and extensions, or get comprehensive help and support options.

4Netplayers Welcome Video
4Netplayers Webinterface
4Netplayers Webinterface
4Netplayers Webinterface

Our locations

In 17 locations worldwide, we offer unique accessibility with the lowest pings. Further locations are constantly being developed and guarantee breathtaking gaming fun with the lowest latency in every game.

World map with server locations

Our gameserver technology

High quality hardware

  • Intel & AMD CPUs
  • SSD-Disks
Technik Preview 1
Technik Preview 1

Safety & Security

  • DDoS Protection
  • Redundant Power
  • High Stability
Technik Preview 2
Technik Preview 2

Strong performance

  • Optimized components
  • Trouble-free gaming
  • Low pings
Technik Preview 3

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Learn how to become an admin on your server using your SteamID64.

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How to install Mods for Myth of Empires

Learn how you can quickly and easily add Mods to your Myth of Empires Server.

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Upload Savegame for Myth of Empires

Learn how to upload a savegame to your server to continue your adventure in Myth of Empires.

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Video Tutorials for Myth of Empires

Here you will find an overview of videos for the game Myth of Empires.

Myth of Empires Game Trailer

Myth of Empires Screenshots

A New Era of Discoveries: A Deep Dive into the Game and the Benefits of a Dedicated Server

In the world of video games, there are always titles that redefine the boundaries of possibilities and offer players unparalleled freedoms. One such game currently garnering attention is a sandbox adventure that takes players on an exhilarating journey to discover a new world. This game combines an impressive landscape ecology and dynamic weather systems with day-night cycles, creating a vibrant, living world.

The Art of Taming and Cultivation

A fascinating aspect of the game is the profound taming and cultivation part that allows players to tame everything from NPCs to horses to wild animals. These tamed creatures become indispensable battle partners and modes of transportation, while the introduction of new bosses and beast kings in version 1.0 further deepens the gaming experience. Interestingly, small animals can also serve as energy sources for mechanical city defense systems, establishing a unique connection between resource management and strategic defense.

Performance and Reliability through Own Servers

One of the greatest strengths of this game lies in its support for various game modes, including official servers, self-made servers, and single-player mode. The ability to use dedicated servers brings a number of benefits. Servers from 4Netplayers offer unsurpassed performance and reliability for a smooth gaming experience. By providing high-performance servers, players can minimize latency times and maximize game speed, which is particularly advantageous in heated battles and when exploring vast worlds.

The Ancient Battlefield: A Constantly Changing Challenge

The game challenges players to master the constantly changing ancient battlefield. With a wide selection of cold weapons, armors, and technical equipment, players can freely combine their equipment according to their personal preferences. The introduction of power-mechanical city defense systems like wooden oxen enriches the war experience with new, exciting elements.

Control and Customization

Another crucial advantage of using 4Netplayers is the control and customization available to players. Users can modify game rules, modes, and many other aspects of the game to create a unique gaming experience tailored to their preferences and those of their fellow players. This promotes a closer community and a deeper connection to the game.

A Legendary Career and a Tailored Life

With 25 development lines, a 16-level title system, and more than 100 achievements, the game offers impressive depth in character development. Players can create a personalized career, whether as a general or a citizen, and determine their own legendary path.

Game Over

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