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  • Playing without stress and insults
  • High-end hardware
  • Free game change
  • Your server, your rules

10 Slots

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CNY 46.57
CZK 149.90
DKK 44.67
EUR 5.99
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IDR 104,748.33
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date 42.60
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Server location:

Individual configuration

Create your own configuration and flexibly adjust options

Play with friends on your server

We offer you an incomparable gaming experience on high-performance servers in over 100+ games!

Fast management

  • Immediately available
  • Flexible location change
  • Autoupdate

High reliability

  • Always up-to-date hardware
  • Super fast NVMe disks
  • Automatic backups

Full data access

  • Full database access
  • Full FTP access
  • Task scheduler

Secure payment

Credit card
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Our 5-Star Reviews on Trustpilot

Intuitive web interface

Our first-class web interface for server administration impresses with its performance and customer-friendliness. In just a few clicks, you can configure and launch your server, easily integrate mods and extensions, or get comprehensive help and support options.

4Netplayers Welcome Video
4Netplayers Webinterface
4Netplayers Webinterface
4Netplayers Webinterface

Our locations

In 17 locations worldwide, we offer unique accessibility with the lowest pings. Further locations are constantly being developed and guarantee breathtaking gaming fun with the lowest latency in every game.

World map with server locations

Our gameserver technology

High quality hardware

  • Intel & AMD CPUs
  • SSD-Disks
Technik Preview 1
Technik Preview 1

Safety & Security

  • DDoS Protection
  • Redundant Power
  • High Stability
Technik Preview 2
Technik Preview 2

Strong performance

  • Optimized components
  • Trouble-free gaming
  • Low pings
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Frequently asked questions

No additional programmes are necessary for this. Mods can simply be installed automatically on your Avorion server by entering the WorkshopID.

Buying an Avorion server is often very expensive. In comparison, if you rent an **Avorion server, you are not burdened by a one-time high payment. As a rule, you pay a low price once a month.

With us, you also have the possibility to adjust the tariff for your server, the associated mods and accordingly the price at any time. the price at any time. So you can try out different servers and modpacks and optionally remove them remove them again without spending a large sum of money.

With 4Netplayers, this is completely up to you. Regardless of whether you choose the Starter, Professional or Premium offer, you can determine the term of your contract yourself. Starting at one month up to a term of 12 months, it’s up to you how long you want it to last. it is up to you how long you want to rent a server with us as your host. The longer the term of your contract is, the cheaper it will be, by the way, and so you will save 10% of the price for a 12-month contract compared to one month, you save 10 % of the price.

Absolutely. With 4Netplayers you don’t have to worry about security and protection. For one thing, you have free to choose the duration of your contract and are not obliged to make endless monthly payments. On the other hand your server itself is safe, because we protect it with DDoS from bad traffic.

After logging in, click on “Gameserver” on the left and then on “Create configuration”. Select your desired mods, enter a password - and your server is ready to go!

The Most Popular Wiki Pages

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How to download my Avorion savegame

Hello! Download your Avorion savegame easily. Our tutorial will show you how.

4Netplayers Wiki Icon

Installing mods for Avorion Server

Step by step to the perfect game modification! In our guide you will learn how to easily install mods for your Avorion server.

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Upload Savegame for Avorion

Upload your savegame for Avorion and continue your adventure on the server. The guide will show you how easy it is.

Avorion Game Trailer

Avorion Screenshots

Explore the Universe with Avorion: Create, Trade, and Fight

Avorion is a sandbox space travel game that invites you to design and build your own spaceships. Start with small fighters and work your way up to huge fleets of battle cruisers and battleships. Use a variety of building blocks and materials to create your dream ship and optimize it according to your preferences. Let your creativity run wild and create masterpieces of space engineering.

Trade and Explore a Living Universe

Traverse the infinite expanses of space to explore new galaxies and collect valuable resources. Trade and interact with different factions to expand your empire and establish diplomatic relations.

Fulfill various missions and discover secrets and treasures in hidden corners of the universe. Each journey will be unique, thanks to procedurally generated galaxies that always offer new challenges.

Fight Against Powerful Enemies and Protect Your Empire

Equip your fleet with advanced weapons and technologies to stand up against enemy factions, pirates, and other dangers of space. Experience action-packed space battles where your strategic decisions and tactical skills make the difference between victory and defeat.

Team up with friends or compete against them to expand and defend your power in the Avorion universe.

Easy Game Server Setup with 4Netplayers

For those who want to play Avorion with friends or a larger community, 4Netplayers offers a simple and efficient solution for setting up your own Avorion game server.

Ordering, creating, and administering a server at 4Netplayers is a straightforward process that is easy to handle even for beginners. With just a few clicks, you can order and configure your own server. The 4Netplayers user interface is intuitively designed so that you can set up and manage your server without prior knowledge.

In addition, 4Netplayers offers reliable support and high server stability, ensuring that your online adventures in Avorion run smoothly and without interruptions. With your own server at 4Netplayers, you can have full control over your game and your gaming experiences, making the joint exploration of the Avorion universe even more exciting.

A Game that Combines Creativity and Strategy

Avorion is not just a game for fans of space travel and science fiction, but also for those who want to demonstrate their creativity and strategic thinking. The game offers an impressive balance between freedom and challenge.

You can design your own spaceships down to the smallest detail, giving you the opportunity to fully exploit your creative abilities. At the same time, the game challenges your strategic skills, whether building your empire, trading with other factions, or planning and executing space battles.

The combination of creative building system and strategic gameplay makes Avorion a unique experience that can be both relaxing and challenging.

Custom Adjustments for Endless Fun

Avorion offers extensive modding support, allowing you to tailor your gaming experience to your preferences. You can use existing mods from the ever-growing community or create your own to add new features, content, or mechanics.

The possibilities are almost limitless: Change the economic system, add new weapons or spaceship designs, or create completely new game modes. There are no limits to your imagination!

Explore the Depths of Space Together on Your Avorion Server

Share your galactic adventures with friends in Avorion’s multiplayer mode. Join forces to overcome difficult challenges, secure trade routes or build imposing space stations.

Together, you can uncover the secrets of the universe and defend yourselves against enemy attacks. Whether you work as a team or compete in friendly competitions – the fun is guaranteed!

Unveil the Mystery of Avorion

In the midst of your adventures, you will encounter a profound and captivating background story. A mysterious disaster has split the galaxy in two, and you set off in search of answers and a possible solution.

Along the way, you will meet different characters who will give you clues and tasks to solve the puzzle of Avorion. Immerse yourself in an epic story that leads you to the center of the universe – and perhaps even beyond.

Avorion – The Ultimate Sandbox Space Travel Experience

Avorion offers you a unique and versatile gaming experience where you build and expand your own spaceship empire in a procedurally generated galaxy. With countless possibilities for ship customization, a dynamic economy, challenging battles, and a captivating background story, the game offers hours of fun.

Modding support and multiplayer mode extend your possibilities and ensure varied and exciting adventures. Avorion is the ultimate sandbox space travel experience for all those who want to explore the unknown and write their own story in space.

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