TeamSpeak 3 server rental

Teamspeak 3 ensures clear communication from anywhere in the world

  • Exclusive TS3 Badge
  • Online right away
  • Dedicated data centre
  • Very latest server hardware
  • World-wide peerings
  • Top quality at the lowest price


Number of slots on the Teamspeak or game server. The maximum number of players that can connect to the server at the same time.

Rental duration in months.

Simple file transfer. Offers the option of saving and downloading files from the server (e.g. screenshots, programs, music)

The physical location of your Server

Choose this option if you want to use TeamSpeak3 codec encryption. Your connection will then be SSL encrypted and cannot be listened in on.

This option allows you to give your Teamspeak server its own name, so that it can be reached from, for example. You don't need [...]

This option allows you to change the welcome message and the banner on your Teamspeak server.

TeamSpeak 3 voice server

Teamspeak 3 is the successful Voice Over IP solution trusted by gamers all over the world. Renting a Teamspeak 3 server at 4Netplayers is really simple and the TS3 server is online just minutes after placing an order. Excellent communication with low latency make Teamspeak stand out. The client is updated regularly and for free. The great reliability of our TS3 servers has helped us to become one of the biggest providers worldwide. The Teamspeak 3 server is easy to rent and we take care of all the server maintenance and setup. Let us convince you of our services today and order your own Teamspeak server from 4Netplayers.

Ralf Ludwig, Teamspeak Systems - TeamSpeak producer:
"As a long-term TS3 server partner, we can count on the reliability and experience of 4Netplayers"

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Why rent a TeamSpeak 3 server at 4Netplayers?

As one of the biggest server providers in Europe, we’ve been in the market since 2001 and offer our satisfied customers the very best quality at a low price. For our TeamSpeak 3 servers, we rely exclusively on the latest server hardware to fulfil the highest demands. Our own data centre is equipped with outstanding connections and Europe-wide peerings, guaranteeing lag-free gaming at all times, clear communication and low pings for our TeamSpeak 3 game servers. Our user-friendly web interface setting up and starting a server quick and easy, in just a couple of clicks. Our game servers and Teamspeak servers are available immediately after placing an order and without having to wait.

  • One of the biggest game server providers in Europe
  • Outstanding connection to the servers using our own data centre
  • World-wide peerings with low latency (pings)
  • Modern server hardware
  • Start playing immediate after placing your order, thanks to instant server activation
  • Simple server management with a user-friendly web interface
  • Carefully calculated premium price for the best performance at the lowest price
  • One-on-one, trained support, even by phone

Video and screenshots for TeamSpeak 3

TeamSpeak 3 Logo
TeamSpeak 3 Screenshot   TeamSpeak 3 Screenshot   TeamSpeak 3 Screenshot

What do I need a TS3 server for?

Fast communication is indispensible in online gaming. Whether it’s a 20-person raid in World of Warcraft or a heated multiplayer battle in a shooter, Teamspeak 3 servers are the tool of choice.

Janine "Die Elfe" Koster: "Teamspeak 3 helps us to coordinate our raids in World of Warcraft, and with up to 50 players taking part at the same time, everyone can communicate with everyone else, helping us to achieve our goal almost every time"

However, Teamspeak 3 can also be used for other purposes, such as conferences and meetings, with the internal encryption offering the necessary security. The TS3 server is rounded off with the possibility to save files on it. The offer is topped off with simple file transfer and a high degree of availability.Fast communication is indispensible in online gaming. Whether it’s a 20-person raid in World of Warcraft or a heated multiplayer battle in a shooter, Teamspeak 3 servers are the tool of choice.

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3.11.0 [Build: 1578903157]