Stormworks – Search & Destroy Weapons DLC

In Stormworks: Search & Destroy, you can equip yourself with pistols, rifles, grenades, C4 and spear guns, build modular vehicle weapons including mini-guns, cannons, bombs and guided missiles, then battle enemy AI navy and air force across the world of Stormworks. Jump onto multiplayer and test your war machines with your friends!

This new DLC has been in development for a very long time. Thank you to the many players who have given us their feedback and called for this update, it has been great fun to build and really rewarding for us.

There is a huge list of features and changes, so be sure to check the change log below.

You can get this new DLC on the Stormworks: Search & Destroy store page.

Many of you have been making military vehicles for a long time. We are so excited to see these vehicles now begin to function as such, as well as all your new creations and interesting weapon systems!

If you are not getting the DLC – not to worry – all the parts are added into the base game as cosmetic items, so workshop items will still be cross-compatible!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers


Feature – [DLC] Modular Vehicle Weapons
Feature – [DLC] Handheld Weapons
Feature – [DLC] Conquest Mode Addon
Feature – New Handle Seat
Feature – Multiplayer Optimization Pass and Networking Layer Fixes
Feature – Logic/Render Thread Optimization Pass
Feature – Addon editor Generic Graph Nodes and Links
Feature – Advanced AI Pathing using Addon Nodes and Links
Feature – Screen Shake Improvements and Settings

[DLC] Features:
Explosive and EMP Warhead Blocks
Modular Machine Guns, Cannons and Autocannons
Rocket Launchers
Modular Ammo Feeding System, Handheld Ammo Boxes and Shells
Handheld Equipment Hand Grenade and C4
Handheld Equipment SMG, Rifle, Pistol and Speargun

Ammunition Payloads:
Kinetic – Basic direct impact damage, Cheaper than other ammo types
High Explosive – Large splash radius around the impact
Fragmentation – Small splash radius, Spawns secondary projectiles
Armor Piercing – Less base damage, Penetrates through vehicle blocks based on velocity
Incendiary – Less base damage, chance to start fires on vehicle blocks

Rework – Hitbox reworks and headshots
Rework – Radars now output and input using turns instead of radians/degrees
Rework – Improved soundscape and audio filtering
Rework – Players now take damage while incapacitated, shortening the window in which they can be revived
Rework – Reloading handheld equipment with secondary fire applies to – flareguns, spearguns, pistol, smg, rifle
Balance – Radar max ranges increased 10x

Fix – Damaged rope anchors no longer continue to transfer data/electric
Fix – Increased follower tether range in MP to compensate for server side inconsistencies
Fix – Vehicle save thumbnails being very zoomed in
Fix – Jet engines no longer flood when vehicle damage is disabled
Fix – Jet engines no longer overheat when engine overheating is disabled
Fix – Infinite spawning issue in multiplayer
Fix – onVehicleUnload not being called for vehicles that are force despawned by the game
Fix – Vehicles occasionally loading outside of load range; becoming stuck
Fix – Removed 4 non-functional tiles from the addon editor
Fix – Radars missing from research group
Fix – Radar rendering issues
Fix – Greatly reduce radar random noise
Fix – Missing buoyancy surfaces on radars
Fix – Missing Pitch Angle slider on radars
Fix – MP health/incapacitated desync after respawning

The train track tiles have now been included in the Addon Editor.


– Documentation has been refactored into several new tabs for easier browsing.

– Addon zones now have a direction indicator
– Added the trainline tileset to the available tiles.
– Improved the speed of object lookup functions.
– PathFindOcean now uses custom paths definde with the “ocean_path” tag, and a default paths playlist has been added.

– Added setAITargetVehicle(vehicle_id)
– Added setAITargetCharacter(object_id)
– Added ISLAND = getStartIsland() (ISLAND = {name, x, y, z})
– Added is_local = server.getVehicleLocal(vehicle_id)
getVehicleLocal is now used in the default scripts as protection while a vehicle is loading

– New AI Plane Pilot mode 2 – Gun Run
– New AI Heli Pilot mode 3 – Gun Run
– New Gunner AI Type – Aims and shoots at the target char/vehicle, accounting for drop/range of a linked weapon.
– New Designator AI Type – Aims a camera at the target char/vehicle, pulling the Trigger when locked on.
(Weapons/Cameras can be linked to a seat by naming them identically)

– Added several new icons to addMapObject.
– All map object icons now render their radius if the value is > 1.
– addMapObject and addMapLine now have optional rgba parameters.

– The new Weapons DLC gamemode script contains a guide to adding your own vehicles for the AI to command


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