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Mordhau server hosting

  • Playing without stress and insults
  • High-end hardware
  • Free game change
  • Your server, your rules

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CNY 47.31
CZK 151.79
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date 42.84
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Server location:

Individual configuration

Create your own configuration and flexibly adjust options

Play with friends on your server

We offer you an incomparable gaming experience on high-performance servers in over 100+ games!

Fast management

  • Immediately available
  • Flexible location change
  • Autoupdate

High reliability

  • Always up-to-date hardware
  • Super fast NVMe disks
  • Automatic backups

Full data access

  • Full database access
  • Full FTP access
  • Task scheduler

Secure payment

Credit card
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Our 5-Star Reviews on Trustpilot

Intuitive web interface

Our first-class web interface for server administration impresses with its performance and customer-friendliness. In just a few clicks, you can configure and launch your server, easily integrate mods and extensions, or get comprehensive help and support options.

4Netplayers Welcome Video
4Netplayers Webinterface
4Netplayers Webinterface
4Netplayers Webinterface

Our locations

In 17 locations worldwide, we offer unique accessibility with the lowest pings. Further locations are constantly being developed and guarantee breathtaking gaming fun with the lowest latency in every game.

World map with server locations

Our gameserver technology

High quality hardware

  • Intel & AMD CPUs
  • SSD-Disks
Technik Preview 1
Technik Preview 1

Safety & Security

  • DDoS Protection
  • Redundant Power
  • High Stability
Technik Preview 2
Technik Preview 2

Strong performance

  • Optimized components
  • Trouble-free gaming
  • Low pings
Technik Preview 3

Frequently asked questions

Buying a Mordhau server often involves a lot of expense. In comparison, if you rent a Rent a Mordhau server, you are not burdened by a one-time high payment. As a rule, you pay a low price once a month.

With us, you also have the possibility to adjust the tariff for your server, the associated mods and accordingly the price at any time. the price at any time. So you can try out different servers and modpacks and optionally remove them remove them again without spending a large sum of money.

With 4Netplayers, this is completely up to you. Regardless of whether you choose the Starter, Professional or Premium offer, you can determine the term of your contract yourself. Starting at one month up to a term of 12 months, it’s up to you how long you want it to last. it is up to you how long you want to rent a server with us as your host. The longer the term of your contract is, the cheaper it will be, by the way, and so you will save 10 % of the price for a 12-month month you save 10 % of the price.

Absolutely. With 4Netplayers you don’t have to worry about security and protection. For one thing, you have free to choose the duration of your contract and are not obliged to make endless monthly payments. On the other hand your server itself is safe, because we protect it with DDoS from bad traffic.

After logging in, click on “Gameserver” on the left and then on “Create configuration”. Select your desired mods, enter a password - and your server is ready to go!

Mordhau Screenshots

Discover the medieval battle in Mordhau

Immerse yourself in the world of Mordhau, the thrilling multiplayer experience that places you in the midst of fierce medieval battles. Arm yourself with a variety of weapons, including swords, axes and bows, and put your fighting skills to the test as you take on other players in huge battlefields. Mordhau offers realistic physics, stunning graphics and a deep combat system that will provide hours of fun for newcomers and experienced players alike. Explore different game modes, join a guild or create your own and fight side-by-side with your friends. Forge your story as a legendary warrior in Mordhau!

Master the fight with Mordhaus’ unique combat system

Experience Mordhaus’ innovative and intuitive controls that give you full control over your movements and attacks. The challenging combat system allows you to fine-tune punches and blocks in real time while focusing on speed, timing and positioning. Experiment with different fighting styles and weapons to develop your own personal play style and overwhelm your opponents in heated duels or large-scale sieges. Learn to make clever use of your surroundings by setting traps or using improvised weapons. Mordhau combines historical authenticity with challenging gameplay and puts your warrior skills to the ultimate test!

Create your own warrior and climb the hierarchy

Mordhau lets you create your own unique warrior and customise their appearance, equipment and abilities. Choose from a wide range of armour, helmets and weapons to create a character that suits your personal style and preferences. The more battles you fight and victories you achieve, the more experience points and rewards you earn to unlock more customisation options. Climb the hierarchy and become part of an elite group of warriors who make their mark on the battlefields. Your progress in Mordhau reflects not only your skills as a player, but also your character’s growing legend in the merciless world of the Middle Ages.

Explore varied game modes and exciting maps

Mordhau bietet eine Vielzahl von Spielmodi, die sowohl Einzelspieler als auch Team-basierte Erlebnisse bereithalten. Stürze dich in actiongeladene Schlachten im “Frontline”-Modus, in dem zwei Teams um die Kontrolle von strategischen Punkten auf der Karte kämpfen. Beweise deine Fähigkeiten im 1-gegen-1-Kampf im “Duell”-Modus, oder arbeite mit deinem Team zusammen, um Festungen im “Belagerung”-Modus zu erobern oder zu verteidigen. Mordhau hält zudem eine Horde-Modus bereit, in dem du gemeinsam mit anderen Spielern gegen immer stärker werdende Wellen von KI-Gegnern bestehen musst.

Die Karten in Mordhau sind ebenso vielfältig wie die Spielmodi. Kämpfe auf weitläufigen Schlachtfeldern, in düsteren Wäldern oder in den eindrucksvollen Hallen von Königsschlössern. Jede Karte ist detailliert gestaltet und bietet einzigartige strategische Herausforderungen, die dein Geschick und deine Taktik auf die Probe stellen. Entdecke die fesselnde Spielwelt von Mordhau und lass dich von ihrer Atmosphäre und dem unvergleichlichen Gameplay in den Bann ziehen!

Mordhau - a captivating and challenging medieval experience

Mordhau offers you an immersive, in-depth and authentic medieval battlefield experience that will delight newcomers and experienced players alike. With its unique combat system, extensive character customisation, a variety of game modes and stunning maps, Mordhau remains exciting and entertaining for a long time. The game encourages teamwork, strategy and skill, while challenging you to constantly improve your skills as a warrior. Mordhau is a must for anyone who loves the medieval genre and is looking for a challenging multiplayer experience. Sharpen your weapons and get ready to dive into the world of Mordhau!

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