Wreckfest – July Update Hotfix

Many thanks to everyone who have reported issues and given feedback!



Game version




  • The weekly and monthly tournament events can be now participated in.
  • Fixed Dedicated Server memory leak.
  • Server no longer occasionally crashes in the event voting screen.
  • Game no longer occasionally crashes when quitting from Wrecking Playground.
  • Added an option in the Settings menu to disable bloom.
  • Reflections on medium reflection quality now look correct.
  • Leaderboards are now sorted correctly per class.
  • Verification when entering multiplayer is faster.
  • Loading times are improved.
  • Fine-tuned a number of weathers.
  • Special vehicles can be now tuned in tournament events.
  • (Modding) Steam Workshop uploader no longer crashes.
  • (Modding) surfacelist.srfl is no longer encrypted.


  • Hosting in-game does not currently work (neither Internet or LAN), please use the dedicated server in the meantime.
  • In-game ping currently displays ~30 ms too much, meaning that your actual ping is ~30 ms less.

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