Unturned – Chef Zombie Plush Announcement

Chef Zombie Plush:

We have collaborated with Makeship to bring the Chef Zombie to life in the form of a limited-edition collectible plush toy!

You can order this lovable monster from the Makeship campaign here:

View Unturned Chef Zombie Plush on Makeship

Edit: the funding goal of 200 orders required for production was met! Thank you to all the early customers for your interest and support. For anyone still interested, the campaign will remain open to orders until the 1st of July, 2021. More details here:

View Makeship FAQ Change Notes:
  • Added command-line „-FullscreenMode=#“ window mode override. Unity built-in command-line arguments take priority.
  • Updated from Unity 2019.4.20f1 to 2019.4.28f1.
  • Fixed a few bugs with -OfflineOnly dedicated server option.

During the Unity upgrade there were some instances where serialized material and texture references needed to be reassigned. Hopefully all of these have been caught, but if there is a weird new visual bug it is probably related to this, and should be an easy fix.

Server Hosting Rule Changes Reminder:

The rules announced on 2021-05-14 are now in full effect. Read more details here.

Over the warning period these past two weeks twelve server networks were reported. Every notified host graciously cooperated, and at this time there are no reported servers in bad standing.

Patch #1:

Unfortunately as predicted some visual bugs crept through with the Unity upgrade. Namely some NPCs not wearing clothes, and a variety of decals not working in deferred rendering mode. These should be fixed now.


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