Stormworks – v1.2.6 – The Windows & Multiplayer Update!

Liebe Stormworker,

Es ist Zeit für Fenster! Diese Woche fügen wir ein Set von 22 neuen Fensterteilen hinzu, um das derzeit verfügbare Set stark zu erweitern. Diese beinhalten viele häufig angefragte und oft xml modifizierte Teile, und werden den Bau eurer Fahrzeuge und eurer Cockpits viel einfacher machen, mit besseren Ergebnissen!

Dieses Update ist eine Antwort auf die vielen Spielerwünsche, die danach gefragt haben – also ein riesiges Dankeschön an alle Spieler, die im Issue Tracker danach gefragt und uns in den Q&A-Sessions daran erinnert haben! Ihr habt schon seit vielen, vielen Updates nach mehr Fenstern gefragt, und jetzt sind sie endlich da. Ich glaube, das letzte Fenster-Update war vor 18 Monaten – es wird Zeit!


We have also continued to work on improvements, and this week we have fixed several multiplayer issues. These fixes include waves and other game systems sometimes going out of sync, and some situations where physics might enter a broken state (a bug we internally named as the twilight zone), and many others!

We have also improved the bandwidth usage in servers, with games requiring only a fraction of the amount of bandwidth previously required in our tests. We hope this resolves many players multiplayer issues where the cause of their MP issues was not clear / contextual, and presumably playing multiplayer with limited bandwidth. This is also a big help to servers that now require less bandwidth to host many players.

We have also improved the network sync system so that games are smoother, particularly during bad network conditions where games would have otherwise have stuttered.

Please keep in mind, if your PC, (or the PC of the person hosting the game), does not meet the minimum requirements from the store page, then the „game experience may vary“. Your and the servers internet connection are also important – you do need a basic broadband connection and about 12 kB/sec up and 24 kB/sec down to join a game, (and 24 / 12 per client to host), but if your internet connection is low quality, such as mobile internet with poor signal, or a family member hogging the connection, you are going to have a bad time and this isn’t something that we can fix on our end.

Overall, these multiplayer improvements are very significant and we hope this improves the multiplayer experience for many players. We are continuing to look at multiplayer issues, so if you are still experiencing issues, let us know exactly how to reproduce your issue and we will take a look!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on this new update!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Feature – 22 New Window components
Feature – Networking layer optimization

Greatly reduced bandwith usage.
Greatly reduced stop-start freezing when playing with poor network conditions.

Rework – Additional params for setCharacterItem allowing for data to be set up on the items.
Rework – Component prices overhaul for a better balance in career
Rework – SpawnAddonComponent no longer auto adjusts to the location’s tile position when using a custom spawn position.
(See default_mission_locations script for the intended alternate method of spawning)
Rework – getTileTransform now has an optional search radius parameter
Rework – Default Cargo script optimizations
Rework – Updated millitary base fast travel spawn point
Rework – Missions spawned with mstart no longer use a minimum range
Rework – getVehiclePos voxel_pos positions have been fixed and are now optional, returning the vehicle physics center if they are not passed
Rework – Custom preset when hosting a server defaults to MP island

Fix – Random generation potentially desyncing between clients
Fix – SpawnAddonComponent overriding custom rotation
Fix – Standardized use of RPS label for power logic nodes
Fix – Grippers now have 0.5 blocks leeway on their track (1 block length tracks always disconnecting)
Fix – getCharacterVehicle not functioning correctly
Fix – onPlayerLeave should now fire for all disconnect events
Fix – Added patch to default_mission_locations script to resolve errors in old saves
Fix – Game not returning to the menu state when disconnected from a server
Fix – Added protection for players entering the same seat
Fix – Client side wheels causing vehicles to shake in some situations

Added a warning when attempting to save when there is not enough disk space.
Added „Basic“ tag to various basic components.


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