Squad – Update: V2.10

Hallo Squaddies,

Das heutige Update bringt einen dringenden Serverabsturz-Fix, über den wir seit der Veröffentlichung von V2.9 informiert wurden, sowie ein paar Fixes für einige seit langem bestehende Client-Abstürze.

Unten finden Sie eine vollständige Erklärung dieser Probleme, und wir bedanken uns nochmals bei denjenigen, die uns Server-Absturzprotokolle geschickt haben, damit wir diese Probleme so schnell wie möglich beheben können.

Bitte teilen Sie uns über unsere speziellen Kanäle mit, wenn Sie weiterhin Probleme haben, und versuchen Sie, Ihren In-Game-Cache zu leeren, wenn Sie weiterhin Probleme haben.


Hot Fixes
  • Fixed the Server Crash related to UB32 Rocket Pod & SPG9 Recoilless Rifle’s backblast.
  • Fixed a problematic and difficult to reproduce client crash that is related to the Particle System and switching maps. The Particle System was reusing a Particle Emitter Instance from a pool, which is tied to the FX System in the current map world, which was persisting to the new map world after a map change, and then re-using one of these instances from the pool, but the FX System it was created with was no longer valid. There has been an attempt to fix the same (or similar) issue with particle rendering, which essentially iterates all particle systems at the end of the match and force deactivates them. This fix has been extended to also reset the particles, and therefore clear the instance pool which should hopefully fix this assertion failure. As we still do not have proper reproduction steps for this, this is not straightforward to test or be certain the issue is resolved completely. If this issue persists, full crash dump logs are appreciated to investigate the issue further.
  • Fixed a Client Crash when switching maps, related to the vehicle tire configs. After investigation, the client crash was determined to be caused by a race condition in the Tire Config. Tire Configs are modified on initialization and destruction, however async loading initialization can happen on a separate thread and these functions are not thread-safe. Added locks around access to the Tire Configs array, to ensure it is thread-safe. This should address the fundamental issue causing the crash. Some reports of this crash mention that it was happening specifically while Alt-Tabbed, but this is not conclusive.


Clear Cache to resolve residual issues

If you are experiencing issues, be sure to go to Settings -> “CLEAR CACHE” after updating.

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