Remnants – Patch

Full Patch Log for

Major Fixes/Changes Only

• Fixed repairing without a repair kit not resetting that items durability.
• Fixed transfer of deployables Addons durability when being picked up.
• Added New Item „Battery Bank Addon“ – You can now snap two upgrades to increase the capacity of your battery banks.
• Fixed character getting stuck on edges when crouched.
• Improvements made to character crouching functionality.
• Fixed not being able to empty loaded weapons.
• You can now reload weapons by drag and drop ammo.
• Owner names are no longer displayed on doors.
• Workbench will now drop its tools on pickup.
• Deployables will default to use clan names if the player placing the item is in a Clan.
• Empty/Dirty Bottle stack size changed to 50 from 30.
• UI added to Banners – You can now release/claim owner rights of a base using the Banner UI, you can now create totems from the UI and also reset totem owners.
• Loot spawn adjustments made to Construction Site, Hillside and Sunset Town.
• Sunset Town Mine now spawns loot.
• Added a power source to the Castle Ruins.
• Fixed Weapon Action keybind overriding other actions bound to F.
• Fixed dedicated server rank from not saving correctly.
• Dedicated Server Names are now limited to 90 characters.
• The game will now only prompt you if it has no Read/Write access rather than stopping you from starting a game.

If you wish to keep up to date with the games progress and current road map, please come join the official Remnants discord group, I also push out regular public test builds.

As always if you find any issues or bugs, please report them in-game or via the discord group, if their major issues or you wish to discuss them in more detail feel free to on the discord group, I do try my best to test every update best I can but I am only one person :-).
Thank you everyone for your support and feedback.

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