Remnants – Patch

Full Patch Log for
Major Fixes/Changes• Fixed not being able to craft solar panels due to typo.
• You can now place Water Barrels.
• You can now place empty Wooden Buckets.
• Fixed pickup/placement stats on Water Catchers and Buckets.
• Water Barrels can be filled with buckets and used the same way a water catcher is used.
• H2O UI now shows if water is clean or dirty.
• Wood Shelter now uses Green Wood to be built.
• Added Refurb Kits – these kits will increase a items grade by +1.
• Increased Scrap Revolver spawn rate.
• Fixed character dead collision issue.
• Added Repair Bench – You can now repair damaged based items.
• Added Repair Bench Tools (Pop Rivet Gun, Soldering Iron, Tool Box)
• Added Repair Bench Components (Bolts, Nuts, Screws, PCBs, Nails, Solider, Pop Rivets)
• Added Quartz’s and Quartz Crystals.
• Quartz’s now have a chance to be mined from normal rock nodes outside the desert.
• Traders can now also trade in Quartz Crystals.

If you find any issues or bugs, please report them in-game or via the discord group, if there major issues or you wish to discuss them in more detail feel free to on the discord group.
Thank you everyone for your support and feedback.

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