Remnants – Patch

Full Patch Log for
Major Fixes/Changes• Added sleeping bag/bed selection when respawning.
• Increased gold ingots stack amount from 10 to 20.
• Improved sign renaming.
• Fixed sign names not applying after load.
• Added cooked tomatoes.
• Added baked potatoes
• Added clan access to workbench, solar kiln, water catcher, cooking and smelting items.
• Fixed UI not clearing on solar kiln.
• Rise map location Carny Road updated.
• Fixed garden plant mesh glitch.
• Fixed hatch placement issue.
• Fixed PVP gun damage working in PVE.
• Fixed Banner check not clearing when being removed.
• Medkits now regen health over an duration.
• Anti-Rad pills no longer remove radiation they now slow the prevention by 50% for a duration.
• Added sickness if you take to many Anti-Rad pills.
• Fixed beams blocking placement of some items.
• Fixed some guns not being able to be repaired.
• Fixed invisible loot and nodes for clients.
• Fixed player detection when loading in next to AOE items.
• Fixed armor stat exploits.
• Added share boxes around rise map.
• Improved spawning loading checks.
• Fixed battery charge resetting when picking up battery bank.
• Fixed comparing equipped stats.
• Fixed stone beam and door frame collision.
• Rebalanced node spawning.
• Fixed crash related to disconnecting power wires.
• Added 2×2, 2×3 and 3×3 garden beds.
• Updated watermelon plant mesh.
• Added watermelon seeds.
• Some vegetables now return seeds on consumption.
• Improved garden bed mechanics.
• Improved loot box loading and saving.
• Fixed ground deployables being removed when removing walls.
• Updated small garden textures.
• Added boarder highlight to selected hotbar slot.
• Fixed sunset town well not saving due to ID clash.
• Sound affect added to the pot on The Blood Mines quest.
• Fixed item repair exploit.
• Fixed experience multiplier not applying to clients.
• Fixed explosive AOE damage leak.
• Added basic tutorial quest when joining a new game.
• Fixed incorrect placement on beams.
• Added new weapon airdrop type Yellow Legendary tier.
• Fixed repair kits allowing repairing outside of inventory.
• Added Tanning Rack for leather.
• Added Chitin Armor and Backpack.
• The Trader now sells Chitin items.

If you find any issues or bugs, please report them in-game or via the discord group.
Thank you everyone for your support and feedback.

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