Remnants – Patch

Full Patch Log for
Major Fixes/Changes• Improvements to interaction mechanics.
• Added area banners – these can be destroyed and they also expand your land claim area.
• Bases are now limited to 1 banner as adding more does nothing extra.
• Banners now can only be placed by base owners and clan members.
• Building parts no longer snap to banners or shelters.
• Moved storage’s only now spawns dropped bags if they contain items.
• Dropped storage bags now get removed after 5 seconds when all items are removed.
• Fixed water catcher being blocked by foundations and ceilings if being placed on.
• Improvements to loot box removal.
• Higher damage shovels now gather more sand.

If you find any issues or bugs, please report them in-game or via the discord group.
Thank you everyone for your support and feedback.

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