Remnants – Patch

Full Patch Log for
Major Fixes/Changes• Increased egg drop chance on chickens.
• Improvements to interaction mechanics.
• Increased Trader roll chance for rare items.
• Fixed Crossbow blot firing point.
• You can now have a 75% pickup chance for fired arrows and blots.
• Fixed loading issue with power pole conductors.
• Forest biome landscape textures and grass updated
• Added new Rise map location Castle Ruins.
• Clan members with rank 5 or higher can now pickup other members placed items.
• Fixed Jimmy floating in mid-air on boom stick quest.
• Added missing loot spawn point to buildings in Big Rad on Rise Map.
• Banners now get auto removed on saving if there nothing left for them to protect.
• Scrap Pile spawns added to Junk Yard.
• You can now drag and drop items out of inventories by dropping them above the inventory UI.
• Yarn stack size increased to 50.
• Backspace added to passcode UI.
• Water collectors and gardens water gain rate is now buffed by rainfall amount.
• Plants now can grow indoors but will grow at half the rate.
• Fixed incorrect name on Small Garden Bed causing pickup to not work.
• UI Inventory scroll position is new reset on storage boxes when opening.
• Added drop chance for bird nests when cutting down trees bigger trees give a larger chance of a drop and more bird loot.
• Added Camping Backpack.
• Added new Rise map location Light House.
• Added usable BBQ – requires charcoal and cooking grill.
• Fixed game crash due to invalid Steam ID.
• Improvements to placement mechanics.
• Fixed solar panel add-on placement issue.

If you find any issues or bugs, please report them in-game or via the discord group.
Thank you everyone for your support and feedback.

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