PixARK – Steam 1.138 Patch Notes

Steam Pixark 1.138 Mid-Autumn Festival Patch Notes

New Events


Osmanthus Tree Challenge

Autumn, the season of harvesting, is finally upon us and there are a lot of Osmanthus trees blossoming on the land of Pixark. In China, it’s customary to pick Osmanthus flowers and make Osmanthus drinks in autumn.

Grab the Wu Gang Axe (made in the Tailor’s Workbench) and collect from Osmanthus trees with your friends!

Osmanthus Trees can be found on Novice Grassland, Dawn Island, Grassland, and Woodland.
Explorers can obtain “Mooncake token” from Osmanthus trees using a Wu Gang Axe

Mooncake Tokens can be used to exchange gifts from Mid-Autumn Festival Goblin Trading Center.

What’s THAT?!



Straight from the mad scientist’s lair is a strange-looking creature with an equally strange name. From its unique appearance, one can see the essence of other creatures, which could be extra-terrestrial in nature. This is a creature that has never before been found in the wild. It is a herbivore that has surprising combat expertise – especially after being fed carrots, which stimulate its potential and give it a burst of power.

Defeating Pegasus, Icebear, Big-Ear Bunny will have a 20% chance of dropping their respective DNA.
Combine the following DNAs together at the campfire in order to summon the new Lepursa at a 60% chance:

  • 1 Pegasus DNA
  • 2 Icebear DNA
  • 5 Big-Ear Bunny DNA

Summoning has a 40% chance of failing and DNA will not be refunded in case of failure. One of the following creatures will be summoned instead:
– Tamed Big-Ear Bunny
– Tamed Pegasus
– Tamed Icebear

Mid-Autumn Bunny Ears

Some creatures in the wild will appear with Mid-Autumn Bunny Ears. Defeating them will have a chance of dropping these hats to use for your own tamed creatures!

Other Changes:


Moon Rabbit Supply Drop

Supply Drops will transform into Moon Rabbits that contain Mid-Autumn gifts:

  • 20~30 Mooncake Tokens
  • Mid-Autumn Festival Hat costume at a certain chance
  • Mooncakes at a certain chance
  • A Hou Yi Bow at a very small chance


Mid-Autumn Shining Moon

Whether it’s day or night, a shining moon will appear in the sky to bless explorers!

Double Harvest rates on mining ores.

New Items


Mid-Autumn Festival Goblin Trading Center

Can be obtained from supply drops or by defeating goblins/goblin kings

New Mid-Autumn Festival costumes

Can be exchanged at Mid-Autumn Festival Goblin Trading Center with Mooncake Tokens.

  • Hat: 300 Mooncake Tokens
  • Top/Bottom/Gloves/Foot: 200 Mooncake Tokens each


Wu Gang Axe

Can be crafted at Tailor’s Workbench

Hou Yi Bow (Skin)

Can be exchanged at Mid-Autumn Festival Goblin Trading Center with 500 Mooncake Tokens.


Can be exchanged at Mid-Autumn Festival Goblin Trading Center with 50 Mooncake Tokens.


1. Now Enhanced Cobaltenergy Golem, Enhanced Cobaltenergy Master, Enhanced Cobaltstar Hunter can be fed with Alien Equip Piece and Alien Building Piece.

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