Night of the Dead – Alpha Hotfix #035



In the multiplayer, there was a problem in which the HP of the Heavy Zombies increased abnormally due to an error in the HP of the Heavy Zombies increased increase proportional to the number of players.
For this reason, we had to proceed with the hotfix patch.
We are very sorry for your inconvenience… T^T


[Game Balancing]

– The materials required to construct and upgrade some buildings have been reduced.
– Some researches in the Skill category have been changed.
– The size of the Meat Mallet’s hit detection has been increased.
– The amount of heavy zombies increment by difficulty has been decreased.
– Until the day 20th, the HP increment of wave heavy zombies has been decreased.

[Game Systems]

– A key guide HUD has been added.
– Changed the key icon to properly bind to the input.
– Explosions no longer piercing structures when electrical modules detonate with currents exceeding their power limit.

[Bug Fixed]

– Fixed the issue that the relevant HUD did not appear when equip upgraded Claw Hammer.

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