Night of the Dead – Alpha Hotfix #034

Alpha Hotfix #034


The crash occurred due to the key icon being changed to bind to input.
In the current version, the key guide has been removed and the key icon has been changed so that it is not bound.
I’m sorry for your inconvenience.

[Game Balancing]
  • Minigun Turret, Mortar, Multiple Rocket Launcher, and Railgun’s damage has been increased.
  • In multiplayer, the HP multiplier for zombies based on the number of players has been decreased.
  • Normal, Hard Difficulty: The number of zombies and wave zombies has been decreased.
  • Overall Difficulty: The HP increase amount for Heavy Zombies in Wave has been decreased.
  • Wind Power Generator, Solar Panel and Fuel Generator’s generation quantity has been increased.
  • Wind Power Generator and Solar Panel’s broken rate has been decreased.
  • Battery(1st)’s power capacity has been increased.
  • Plasma Shocker’s standby power has been decreased.
  • Unnecessary items have been cleaned up.
    As the items have been changed, the items required for building and crafting have changed.- Items that can no longer be obtained
    All kinds of Bones, Piece of Cloth, Piece of Rubber, Piece of Plastic, Trimmed Log, Iron Wire, Wire, Chain
    The above items can be changed to usable items through DISASSEMBLE.


    – New Items
    Bones, Bird Bones, Stag Skin


[Game Systems]
  • Changed so that items of the same type are combined when sorting items in the inventory.
  • A blood effect to the wave indicator has been added.
  • From now on, the wave indicator will blink from hour 21.
  • Changed the key icon to properly bind to the input.
  • From now on, the animals are less likely to leave their territory.
  • The size of the Flamethrower’s hit detection has been decreased.
  • The repair time has been decreased.
  • Changed Gate opening and closing interaction to be better.
  • The following resolutions are supported. (2560×1080, 3440×1440, 3840×1080, 5120×1440, 5120×2160)
  • The interaction target highlighting option has been added.


[Bug Fixed]
  • Fixed the crash that occurred in various situations.
  • Fixed the issue that two corpses would appear when the Vomiter Zombie self-destructed.
  • Fixed the issue that the Vandal Zombie would perform 3 consecutive attacks on the spot.
  • Fixed the issue that the door placed in the field did not work properly in the client environment.
  • Fixed the issue that the pictures of journals 3 to 7 were not displayed.
  • Fixed the issue that the light would come on when a wire was connected while the battery was discharged.
  • Fixed the issue that the power being used by the Power Controller in the client was not updated.
  • Fixed the issue that the paper part was not displayed properly when the sign was on fire.
  • Fixed the issue that the Half Beam was not built the same as the Beam.
  • Fixed the issue that the Mining Machine was self broken.
  • Fixed the issue that the Door was self broken when upgrading.
  • Fixed the issue that the Gate was self broken when upgrading.
  • Fixed the issue that the Cancel HUD remained even when the UI was turned off.
  • Fixed the issue that the camera shake option was not applied in FPP.


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