Night of the Dead – Alpha Hotfix #032



– Vorhandene Speicherdaten können aufgrund von Änderungen am Teamsystem inkompatibel sein.
– Wenn gespeicherte Daten geladen werden, wird der Schnellschlitz initialisiert.
– Das Problem, dass die Vögel manchmal unter das Terrain fielen, wurde behoben. (Sollte dieses Problem erneut auftreten, senden Sie es bitte erneut an uns).

Wir entschuldigen uns für die Unannehmlichkeiten.


[Team System]
  • Added team management functionality.
  • The default shortcut key for team management is ‚P‘. Accordingly, the shortcut key to change the viewpoint has been moved to ‚V‘. If the shortcut key is not assigned, please set it. ‚Controls – Interface – Team‘
  • A team management button has been added to the bottom right of the chat window.
  • Team creation is possible for both PVE and PVP.
  • In PVE, all teams are nonhostile, and in PVP, all teams are hostile.
  • Hostile players give major damage on buildings.(Team members and nonhostile players can also give minor damage on buildings)
  • Most interactions are not possible if you are not on the same team.
  • Bulding is not possible near other team buildings.

[Game System]
  • Added suicide button.
  • Building UI has been improved.
  • Added the zombies spawn animation.

[Game Balancing]
  • Increased the Iron ore and Copper ore drop rates in iron veins.
  • Increased the Seed drop rate.
  • Decreased the distance that zombies run away.
  • The door that did not open in the mansion has been modified to open.
  • Changed the materials for Land Mine and Barrel Bomb.
  • Changed it does not explode when demolishing Land Mine and Barrel Bomb.
  • Fire damage has been added to the Barrel Bomb.
  • Decreased damage from zombies to buildings.
  • Changed to allow interactions that were not possible when holding a Claw Hammer.
  • Changed the detection to make the trap for a better build.
  • Changed the color of the orange’s icon.


[Bug Fixed]
  • Fixed the problem that fails to load the character when connecting to the server.
  • Fixed the problem that the door of the car did not disappear.
  • Fixed the problem that the body bag did not disappear.
  • Fixed the problem that of holding a knife or arrow in hand.
  • Fixed the problem that the knife disappeared when the bow was equipped.
  • Fixed the problem that the wall interfered with the detection of the pillar.
  • Fixed the problem that the explosion of the Barrel Bomb was not chained.
  • Fixed the problem that zombies did not attack intermittently.
  • Fixed the problem that some items disappeared when the game was saved and loaded.
  • Fixed the problem that the remaining number of the Cutter was decreased in certain situations.

Please make sure to run the most up-to-date version of the game.
Thank you.


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