PixARK – 1.139 Patch Notes

BUG Fixes: 1. Fixed an issue where Wu Gang Axe could deal unusual damage to tek structures in certain circumstances. 2. Fixed an issue where Explorers can ride Lepursa even in its small form. Miete dir jetzt deinen eigenen PixARK Gameserver auf 4Netplayers.com  

Unturned – Update Notes

Changelog: Changed: Server kick for exceeding ping threshold is better explained. Fixed: Grass_2 and Grass_3 using wrong physics material. Revert enabling character overlap recovery due to multiplayer exploits. Prevent newlines and tabs in server listing short description. Do not drop berries when attacking berry bush. Miete dir jetzt deinen eigenen Unturned Gameserver auf 4Netplayers.com

Valheim – Patch 0.202.19

* Rebalanced hp/stamina on most foods ( more stamina on hp foods and more hp on stamina foods etc ) * Fixed tar-pit not spawning on dedicated-server worlds * Slightly lower hp on Fulings & Fuling shamans * Slightly easier to stagger Fulings * Fixed issue with pressing I in server list while trying to […]

MORDHAU – Patch #22 – Hotfix 2

This hotfix includes fixes for some critical issues that came up with Patch #22. We are still looking into an issue involving a bug that lowers server performance temporarily, causing desynced gameplay and lag. We are investigating and working on solving this issue, but have not been able to track it down just yet. Patch […]

PixARK – Steam 1.138 Patch Notes

Steam Pixark 1.138 Mid-Autumn Festival Patch Notes New Events   Osmanthus Tree Challenge Autumn, the season of harvesting, is finally upon us and there are a lot of Osmanthus trees blossoming on the land of Pixark. In China, it’s customary to pick Osmanthus flowers and make Osmanthus drinks in autumn. Grab the Wu Gang Axe […]

Valheim – Update: Hearth & Home arrives!

Where the grass grows underfoot, And the sky is blue overhead. There will always be a Hearth & Home.   (Spoilers ahead! If you want to discover the rest of the content yourself, you might not want to read this post just yet.) Another month has passed since we spoke to you last, and what […]

Don’t Starve Together – [Game Hotfix] – 478446

Fixed a rendering crash on pc’s with low end hardware (crashes related to when a creature dies or a tree is burnt) Added Wanda’s emote sounds. Tweaked the Ancient Fuelweaver so it should not get stunlocked by whips, including the Alarming Clock. Reduced the volume of the pulse sound when Wanda naturally ages one year […]

Atlas – Patch 529.02 – Maintenance Patch

Ahoy Pathfinders! This week we have a quality of life update to fix a few of the more troublesome bugs players have been running into on the open seas. We’ve also made a few adjustments to resolve some of the server issues some players may have been running into lately. We hope these changes will […]

Don’t Starve Together – [Game Hotfix] – 477964

Fixed crash in Shop screen due to missing art. Fixed a crash while crafting a Rift Watch while free crafting is enabled with mods Fixed a black screen when two Wanda’s use a Second Chance Watch on the same ghost. Fixed crafting materials not being consumed with the sculpting table and a few of the […]

Conan Exiles – PC Update 2.5.2 (08.09.2021)

Greetings Exiles, We have a small update that addresses some of the exploits you’ve reported after the 2.5 patch. We are always working on improving Conan Exiles so please feel free to share your feedback with us. Chests that require a key to open can no longer be quick-looted. Harpy’s Kiss and Black Ice arrows […]