Pixark – 1.134 Patch Notes

Pixark 1.134 Patch Notes New Items: Soccer Scoreboard – can be exchanged at Summer Sports Goblin Trading Center with 4 gold medals. – Press “Start” to start a 90 minute game (9 mins in real life). – Hold the “E” button to set up the scoreboard, including goal points and resets. Goal – can be […]

Night of the Dead – Alpha Hotfix #036

Ver. [Game Balancing] – Wave Zombie’s drop rate of Cloth and Lubricant has been increased. – The health of wave zombies on Peaceful, Easy and Normal difficulty has been decreased. – The materials for Grenade, Upgraded Ballista Bolt, and Minigun Turret Ammo have been changed. [Game Systems] – Heavy Zombie’s collision detection has been […]

Unturned – Update Notes

Changelog: Added: Deadzone full suit protection option. Level asset skill default and max level overrides. Trap_Setup_Delay and Trap_Cooldown options for traps. NPC Global Event Hook component for modders. Changed: Interactable item dropper and binary switch can set Hint to Custom to use Interact token. Fixed: Explosive bullets inconsistently hitting curved road. Incorrect umbrella item icon […]

Atlas – Patch 527.03 – Summer Bug Squash

Ahoy Pathfinders! While some new content is just on the horizon, this week we have a quality of life update to fix a few of the more troublesome bugs players have been running into on the open seas. We’ve also made a few adjustments regarding the mortar ship and NPC spawns/mechanics. We hope these changes […]

DayZ – Update 1.13

Hello survivors! We’re excited to announce that game update 1.13 has been released on all platforms! Before we dive into the contents of the update, we’d like to take a moment to thank everyone on PC and Xbox for participating in the experimental phase. If you’re interested in a detailed rundown of the changes we […]

Garry’s Mod – July 2021 Patch 2

Hey everyone, We are releasing another small patch today. The entire change log is as follows: Fixed a crash with physgun’s primary fire when a grabbed entity gets removed/dropped during OnPhysgunPickup Disabled model/material/addon unloading/reloading features as it caused severe stability issues for some people running multicore rendering Fixed a crash when particles are attached to […]

Stormworks – v1.2.12 – The Hardpoint Connector Update!

Dear Stormworkers, This week, we are adding a new connector type – the hardpoint connector! In preparation for the weapons DLC, we are adding this new connector type to help players prepare for weapons and start the discussion around weapons standardization. The new connector has a primary part – the grabber that would be placed […]

Left 4 Dead 2 – Update

An update has been released for Left 4 Dead 2 – Fixed splitscreen break. One of the RCE attack vectors fixed in the previous update crossed paths with splitscreen connections. The exploit is still fixed, but splitscreen connections are now allowed to proceed as usual. Miete dir jetzt deinen eigenen Left 4 Dead 2 Gameserver auf […]

Pixark – Steam 1.133 Patch Notes

Let the Summer sports continue! Compete with your friends and see whose aim is better! New Items Shooting Scoreboard – Can be exchanged at Summer Sports Goblin Trading Center with 4 gold medals – Can be set into 3 different forms (10m/25m/50m) while holding the “E” button. – Allow up to 5 players to compete […]

Don’t Starve Together – [Game Update] – 470691

Changes Webber can now pick up follower Spiders Nurse Spiders no longer heals enemy spiders Abigail no longer damages friendly Spiders Bug Fixes Spiders now sink when dropped into the water Fixed a bug where Webber’s followers would still target friendly players Fixed a bug causing Pan Flutes to lose their skin when floating. Fixed […]