MORDHAU – Patch #21 – Hotfix 4

Patch #21 – Hotfix 4

Another one.

Patch #21 Hotfix 4 Changelog 27/04/2021
  • Mountain Peak INV: Fixed players being able to camp prisoners before the ram objective is over.
  • Mountain Peak INV Adjusted all VIP containment volumes
  • Mountain Peak INV: Slightly moved back and stretched the spawns for both teams on prisoner stage
  • Mountain Peak FFA: Moved a spawn point that was on top of a tower without a way to go down
  • Fixed periodic dips in server tickrate by moving server location pinging into an online async task
  • Fix for expiring session tickets on community servers
  • Fixed servers considering mod downloads as idle time and therefore changing the map after 10 minutes resulting in long lasting downloads being interrupted
  • Rare client crash fix
  • Fixed door/vehicle target info text getting stuck when spectating
  • Removed „New“ label from teamfight gamemode button
  • New ballista flesh impact sound
  • Climbing sound tweaks

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