Insurgency: Sandstorm – Update 1.9.2 Now Live!

Sehen Sie sich die vollständige Changelist an und erfahren Sie, was in Update 1.9.2 neu ist.

HD Texture Pack

Dieses optionale Texturpaket ist ein kostenloser DLC-Download aus dem Steam-Store, der die folgenden Upgrades enthält:

  • Alle Charakter-Texturen
  • Alle Texturen für Waffen und Waffenskins

Zusätzlich zum optionalen Texturpaket haben wir aufgrund der sehr hohen Nachfrage auch HD-Texturen für die folgenden Gegenstände hinzugefügt:

  • Feuerlöscher
  • Toilette
  • Kühltruhe

Nachdem Sie den oben genannten DLC über den Link heruntergeladen haben, wird das HD Texture Pack automatisch angewendet. Um es zu deinstallieren, gehen Sie zu „Meinen DLC verwalten“ für Sandstorm und entfernen Sie das Häkchen für das Texture Pack.

Visual Improvements
  • Restored the bespoke muzzle flashes from pre-1.6
  • Implemented a new system to hide certain headgear when the gas mask is equipped
Gameplay Improvements
  • Keybinds are now available for voice commands
  • Reduced flashlight blinding effects in 1P and 3P
  • Balanced the flashlight brightness between all weapons
  • Added particles to flashlight beams in 3P
  • The color of character materials have been adjusted to subtly increase the overall character visibility
  • Aiming down sights while using the QTS-11’s launcher will now use iron sights or attached optics
  • Players who are vote-kicked can no longer rejoin the same server via matchmaking
Server Browser
  • Added a server browser legend to explain icons for new players
  • Fixed an issue where favorited servers were not showing up under the favorites tab
  • Fixed an issue where columns were not sorted in ascending or descending order properly
  • Fixed an issue when selecting multiple filters would cause zero servers to show up
  • Fixed an issue where the text filter persisted through game restart
Modding Improvements
  • tokens now automatically renew after expiration
  • Reduced allocation of disk drive space for a mod’s folder after unpacking
  • After unpacking a mod’s folder, unnecessary files automatically removed
  • The loading screen will now show the server name upon joining a community server
  • Added a new feature for community servers to add a ‚Message of the Day‘ to the loading screen, instructions on how to set this up can be found in the Server Admin Guide
UI Improvements
  • Added a new option in the settings menu to allow players to select different badges to display on the scoreboard (Note: this is only available if you have other badges to select)
  • Removed the Competitive loadout option from the customization menu
  • Limited the displayed length of usernames to 48 characters (sorry Shrek)
Map Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed an exploitable area where players were able to traverse around buildings
  • Fixed a number of exploitable areas
  • Fixed an exploitable area where players were able to traverse around buildings
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to capture Objective A while hiding like yellow-bellies behind sandbags
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck after vaulting over barrels
  • Fixed a number of exploitable areas
  • Fixed an exploitable area allowing players to secretly reach Objective C
  • Fixed exploitable areas which gave players unintentional lines of sight
  • Fixed an exploit where players were able to climb to an unintentional area
  • Fixed an issue where players could block Objective A by hiding behind crates
  • Fixed a number of exploitable areas
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to spawn inside of a roof and become stuck
  • Fixed an issue where a major prop was not visible when viewed at a certain distance
  • Fixed an exploitable area near Objective B on Push Insurgents
  • Fixed an exploitable area where players were able to traverse around buildings
  • Fixed a floor decal that appeared stretched
  • Fixed a number of exploitable areas
Resolved Issues
  • Fixed a crash that occurred upon returning to the Main Menu or launching the game
  • Fixed an issue where the smoke overlay could be hidden
  • Fixed an issue where the smoke effect was not visible to players at a certain distance who had settings lower than ‘Very High’
  • Fixed an issue where the smoke effect seemed to flicker at a distance
  • Fixed a flash-bang exploit where hitting escape twice would cancel the effect
  • Reduced instances of player’s hands would break when reloading or checking ammo
  • Fixed an issue where planting a C4 or IED and moving your camera would cause the player’s arms to disappear and cause the player to stop planting
  • Fixed an issue in replays where the scoreboard and the spectating menu did not update when players joined late into the match
  • Fixed an issue with the M16A2 equipped with the 3x A2 scope had a higher magnification level than the other 3x scopes
  • Fixed a bug that allowed AI to achieve taglines at the end of a round
  • Fixed a controller input issue where the Cycle Optic and Lean Right used the same key bind
  • Fixed a lighting issue when joining a match as a spectator
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to vault into and through objects
  • Fixed an issue where NVGs automatically equipped onto the player’s face after interacting with a supply crate
  • Fixed an issue where the friendly team marker was offset when using toggleable optics in the 1x configuration with the picture-in-picture setting enabled
  • Fixed an issue where the frame rate would drop when returning to the main menu
  • Fixed a looping animation issue that would occur when a player attempts to throw back a live grenade
  • Fixed an issue in the Loadout Menu where the extended magazine appeared to be floating when selecting the QBZ-97
  • Fixed an issue where the hand and thumb stretched while sprinting and switching to a primary weapon equipped with an Aiming Grip attachment at the same time
  • Reduced occurrences of players missing weapons in 3P and in spectator mode
  • Fixed an issue where the Urban Digital skin was not applying correctly to the Recoil Grip attachment on the AK-74
  • Fixed an issue where the bipod on the QTS-11 appeared enlarged when deployed in 3P
  • Fixed an issue with the QTS-11 where the ammunition is floating outside of the weapon in the Loadout Menu
  • Fixed an issue where the hand was positioned incorrectly when using the QTS-11 equipped with the Loading Grip attachment in 3P
  • Fixed an issue where the extended magazine dropped by Speed Reload while using the QTS-11 was too large
  • Fixed an issue where the handguard would disappear when a foregrip attachment was equipped on the G36K
  • Fixed an issue where part of the AUG A3 disappeared when the 7x Hunting Scope was equipped in the Loadout Menu
  • Fixed a visual issue between the 7x Sniper and Hunting Scope and the IR Laser Sight upgrade
  • Fixed a color issue with the 6x-3x Red Ring scope appearing tan instead of black
  • Fixed an issue where the voice status display element was placed in the wrong layer which caused it to be blurry in the end of round screen
  • Fixed an issue in the Loadout Menu where the Resupply hints would appear when playing Hardcore Checkpoint
Known Issues
  • Currently there’s an issue with muting players via the scoreboard – we are prioritizing a fix for this issue
  • There is an issue where players may see the enemy team voice chat and proximity voice chat icons while they’re not in range of the player. We are investigating reports from players being able to hear voice communications in other unintended situations
  • There is a 3P animation issue where the left arm will clip through the body when the player begins sprinting while having the M870, TOZ-194, M99 or M82A1 CQ equipped
  • There is an issue where the Message of the Day set up by community servers may persist in local play sessions
  • There may be an issue in the Customization Menu where selecting cosmetics it may update the character model to wear a different cosmetic than that is selected
  • There are multiple issues that are known regarding the gamepad:
    • Players are unable to interact with the Overview Screen during a match
    • The refresh button does not work in the Community Servers Menu
    • It is not possible to scroll credits on the credit screen
    • Cannot browse the match history / replay list
    • Player cannot vault with the vaulting button
    • Customizations cannot be unlocked
    • Pressing the menu button during a match will not open the menu
    • PC keyboard in-game hints will display unbound gamepad buttons
    • After pressing alt-tab during Tutorials then returning to game, focus will not return to the gamepad
    • Appearance cosmetic list scroll bars do not accept analog stick input

Please refer to our Trello board for a full list of known issues.


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