Garry’s Mod – July 2021 Patch

Hallo zusammen,

wir veröffentlichen heute einen kleinen Patch.

Das gesamte Änderungsprotokoll lautet wie folgt:

  • Fixed duplicated Motors, Winches and Hydraulics being able to be activated by any player on the server
  • Fixed Lua errors when making 0 width ropes
  • Do not allow to use the „Drive“ property on entities that are already being driven, to prevent players getting stuck in invalid state
  • Fixed some entities having improper color/material in dupe icon preview, such as the Fog/Sky/Sun editors
  • Fixed entering a chair causing everything to disappear for a bit
  • Fixes to crashes/missing textures/error models when changing maps/servers/etc.


  • TTT: add a player mic volume slider to the scoreboard (Community Contribution)
  • TTT: fix table.Shuffle (Community Contribution)
  • TTT: fix propspec_allow_named setting not taking effect (Community Contribution)


  • Fixed a server crash when NPC is trying to holster a weapon_frag
  • Fixed a server crash when item_ammo_crate is given an invalid ammo type
  • Fixed a server crash when an npc_fastzombie tries to attack a non player entity
  • ent_remove* no longer allows removal of the world entity
  • ent_remove_all no longer can delete players
  • Fixed „DownloadingFile“ javascript function not being fired for Fast/ServerDL due to changes in last update
  • Display a console message when ServerDL fails to download something
  • Reset entity FXBlend cache when the current view changes during a frame, fixes point_camera messing up entity fade distances
  • Player.ConCommand’s queue clientside should now show addon name when running blocked concommands
  • Added more debug info to „Invalid HitboxSet on something“ warning
  • Fixed func_movelinear regression with the SetSpeed input when called with speed of 0


  • Added util.MD5/SHA1/SHA256 – all take a single string, and return a hex string
  • Added IsConCommandBlocked
  • Added crash/infinite loop safeguards to Entity.SetMoveParent: Unlink self from previous parent, do not allow to parent to yourself, check for cyclic parents
  • Limited util.JSONToTable depth to 5000 (should be more than enough for any legitimate uses) to avoid stack overflows
  • Apply stack overflow protection to util.TableToJSON
  • Experimental „network to clients“ option for Entity.ManipulateBoneAngles/Position (3rd argument, defaults to true)
  • Added a second argument to util.GetModelMeshes – a table of tables where IDs are boneIds and contain a table of 2 keys: matrix and parentID
  • Let’s try an Entity.Set/GetColor change – Make C++ return/take 4 numbers, and make a Lua override that takes/returns color objects instead – should be ~2x faster and GetColor now returns the proper color object
  • duplicator library now properly copies Lua-set color and material override, not just the Sandbox tool ones
  • Fixed net library not resetting its internal variables on level change
  • Entity.PhysicsFromMesh can now also accept just a list of vectors
  • Fixed errors from GetInt() when text entry contents aren’t numeric (Community Contribution)
    Added xalign and yalign arguments to draw.WordBox (Community Contribution)

Servers are recommended to update at earliest convenience, especially if they were affected by one or more issues mentioned above.


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