Wreckfest – Folk Frenzy Hotfix



Game version




  • Fixed a bug resulting in a server crash.
  • Steam networking now uses plain UDP for direct IP connectivity instead of relays, reducing latency.
  • Implemented a workaround for rendering glitch with AMD Radeon GPU Driver version 21.7.2 and newer.
  • Server list request is now properly canceled when exiting the browser, improving responsiveness.
  • Bumper Car can be now tuned in the tournament events even when not owning the DLC.
  • Killerbee fender flares are now correctly released before the fenders.
  • Added missing Hammerhead RS rear spoiler icon.
  • Fixed Firfly engine bay materials.
  • Game no longer crashes when extreme tire damage and deform settings are missing from custom vehicles.
  • AI Sets and weathers are no longer packed into Bag Pack to ensure they can be easily modified.

Many thanks for all the feedback!

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