our technique
Modern server hardware and excellent connectivity!

At our locations we only use the most modern hardware from the server sector, which is operated by a special cluster system developed by our gameserver experts. The servers are equipped with Intel Xeon processors, fast SSDs and up to 256 GB RAM. This allows not only lightning-fast starts or extensive and reliable backups, but also an almost perfect reliability and breathtaking performance for your game server.

The locations

Global locations for your Game and Teamspeak servers

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We rely on a worldwide network of excellently connected locations. Whether in Europe or America, you can rely on the game servers and TeamSpeak servers of 4Netplayers. In 12 locations worldwide we offer a unique accessibility with lowest ping. Further locations are constantly being developed, the next ones are marked red on the map. Due to this lowest latency all games can be played with breathtaking speed. Our customer-friendly web interface is considered one of the most powerful ever. 

With a few mouse clicks, each server can be started and managed and changed - at any time and without waiting! Then within a few moments your Ark game server will become a Farming Simulator 2022 or Minecraft server - the choice is yours! Of course, your old servers will remain and you can switch back at any time. So that you can benefit directly from our worldwide network of game server locations, a free switch between locations is possible at any time. This is done easily and quickly in the customer interface.

So if you want to rent a game server and value the fastest connection and user-friendliness, then 4Netplayers is exactly the right provider for you.

The hardware

Cheap game server and Teamspeak server rent

For our hardware, we rely exclusively on current server hardware that meets the highest requirements. Furthermore, we only use the latest generation of Dual CPUs.

- Dual Intel Xeon CPUs with up to 40 cores each
- 256+ GB Ram
- Windows Server 2012 R2
- Linux CentOS with highly optimized kernel

The 4Netplayers machine park (cluster system) ensures optimal conditions on every game server at any time. No matter in which game and how many players move on the field: We always guarantee sufficient power on all game servers.

DDoS protection at 4Netplayers

Corero smartwall "First Line of Defense"

Location is the freenet data center
multi-stage high performance filtering system
no shutdown of the server when an attack occurs
Included in all products free of charge

The web interface

One of the most efficient on the market

Our server management web interface is one of the most powerful and customer-friendly interfaces on the market. With just a few clicks, you can create, manage, customize and launch multiple game servers such as Counter-Strike, Battlefield or Call of Duty. The big advantage is that each customer can create and start as many game servers as they like. Thanks to our real-time feedback system you always know what your server is doing.