Stormworks – v1.2.12 – The Hardpoint Connector Update!

Dear Stormworkers,

This week, we are adding a new connector type – the hardpoint connector!

In preparation for the weapons DLC, we are adding this new connector type to help players prepare for weapons and start the discussion around weapons standardization.

The new connector has a primary part – the grabber that would be placed on the vehicle, and the insert that would be placed on the droppable part. The two halves of this new connector have a leader-follower relationship – the vehicle is very much in control of the droppable object.

Once connected, a vehicle can choose to either “launch” or simply “release” the droppable. Launching will arm the droppable and trigger it’s “launched” on/off node, to simplify the logic required in arming droppables and deployables.

There is also composite and video pass through, so you can communicate, or more specifically, program the targeting data of the droppable.

The insert connector has a property setting for declaring the type of droppable object it is. The intention is that your vehicle knows the mode of operation that your droppable item requires so it can automatically display the correct HUD or send the right kind of data to program the droppable.

Of course, these new connector parts can be used in any way you like, and are bi-directional fixed connectors which will have many new and valuable uses, as well as the usual cosmetic applications!

We can’t wait to hear what you think and what players thoughts are on if and how use of this part could be standardized to promote interchangeable droppable items!

Much love <3,

The Stormworks Developers

Patch Notes


Feature – Hardpoint Connector
The hardpoint connector allows you to attach different types or ordinance to your vehicle, and outputs a behaviour type so that the parent vehicle can dictate the logic of activating the child.

Fix – Added a 5 min cooldown for mission spawning when no valid locations detected (Lag with sawyer island career)
Fix – Crash when accessing an invalid playlist_index

Lua API Updates:
Removed script halting lua error exceptions when a function fails

getCharacterData() now returns its values in a table on success, and nil on failure
{[“hp”] = hp, [“incapacitated”] = is_incapacitated, [“dead”] = is_dead, [“interactible”] = is_interactable, [“ai”] = is_ai} = server.getCharacterData(object_id)

is_in_zone, is_success = server.isInZone(m, name) now returns is_success when the zone is found
is_lit, is_success = server.getFireData(object_id)now returns is_success when the fire is found

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