Journey of Life – Patch

Fixed – Woodworks uses the wrong recipe Fixed – Animals not moving after last update   Rent your own Journey Of Life gameserver at

ECO – Version 9.3.3 released!

ATTENTION: This update contained a critical issue and has been retracted. A build that has the issue fixed is currently being created and will be released as soon as possible, containing these fixes. Update 9.3.2 has been released and fixes the following issues: Fixed crash when using Treasury account in stores Fixed bug where Shift+dragging […]

Insurgency: Sandstorm – Update 1.9.2 Now Live!

Check out the full changelist and see what’s new in update 1.9.2. HD Texture Pack This optional texture package is a free DLC download from the Steam store that includes the following upgrades: All character textures All weapon and weapon skin textures In addition to the optional texture package, we’ve also added HD textures for the following […]

MORDHAU – Patch #21 – Hotfix 4

Patch #21 – Hotfix 4 Another one. Patch #21 Hotfix 4 Changelog 27/04/2021 General Mountain Peak INV: Fixed players being able to camp prisoners before the ram objective is over. Mountain Peak INV Adjusted all VIP containment volumes Mountain Peak INV: Slightly moved back and stretched the spawns for both teams on prisoner stage Mountain […]

Remnants – Patch

Full Patch Log for Major Fixes/Changes • Improvements to interaction mechanics. • Added area banners – these can be destroyed and they also expand your land claim area. • Bases are now limited to 1 banner as adding more does nothing extra. • Banners now can only be placed by base owners and clan […]

Empyrion – v1.4.6 Patch

Hi Galactic Survivalists! Here is the changelog for v1.4.6 with some more changes & fixes we have been working on. Have fun and please report bugs and problems as usual – thanks a lot! Patch: 2021-04-27 v1.4.6 (Build 3282) Changes Changed: Players can now respawn on Control Station as additional fallback for Ancient Revelations mission […]

Journey Of Life – Content Update

Hey, gamers. I know I promised we will have some of the automatic stations ready but sadly we didn’t make it for this update. As we know a lot of people were loving it so we please for little more time to get everything ready 😀 Till then here is a lot of new tools, […]

Remnants – Patch

Full Patch Log for Major Fixes/Changes • Increased egg drop chance on chickens. • Improvements to interaction mechanics. • Increased Trader roll chance for rare items. • Fixed Crossbow blot firing point. • You can now have a 75% pickup chance for fired arrows and blots. • Fixed loading issue with power pole conductors. […]

Road to Eden – Alpha 5.59 is out!

Hello survivors! A lot of content in this update. I have added 2 new map locations for you to explore and populated the barracks with lots of loot. I also added the rocket launcher, it has a large blast radius try not to use it in the dungeons! A new flying mob is also included […]

Unturned Update Notes

Changelog: Added: Gentle snowfall on Yukon map rather than spans without weather. Peak normalization for inbound voice chat. Per-material bullet and shell casing impact audio. New per-material bullet impact audio. Double and triple stacked upgrades of the Experienced Beret. Changed: Updated older core.content assets to newer format. This enables multiplayer file integrity checks for terrain […]