ECO – Version 9.3.4 released!

Update 9.3.4 has been released and fixes the following issues: Fixed crash with meteor tutorial Fixed issue where banning a player could result in others being unable to vote Fixed crash when a server was hosted in Turkish language Fixed bug that could result in being unable to target some fallen trees, carcasses, and carts […]

Insurgencey: Sandstorm – Update 1.9.2 Hotfix 2

We’ve released a hotfix for update 1.9.2 that addresses the following issues: Fixes: Fixed an issue where players were not given the Sasquatch DLC after purchase and it still showed as if it was still available to purchase Fixed an issue where if a teammate died while using proximity chat they could be heard in […]

Road to Eden – Alpha 5.59c is out!

Hello survivors! Included in this patch is the quad bike and a new map location to explore; the supermarket. Alpha 5.59c patch notes Fixed hatchback texture Fixed glitch in mall Fixed blue chest in mall Added quad bike Added more ammo loot in warehouse Added rope recipe to sewing station Added bandage recipe to sewing […]

Stormworks – v1.1.23 – The Optimization Update!

Dear Stormworkers, This week, by popular request, we are releasing an update focused on optimization and bug fixes. What is in the Optimization Update? The new physics detail setting allows players to reduce the detail of physics calculations in exchange for more performance! In our tests we saw performance could double in some physics-intensive situations, […]

Rising World – Update 0.2: Building Update

Hi folks! Finally the building update is available for the new version! It introduces almost 200 different materials and 27 different construction shapes. Unlike the Java version, there is no longer a distinction between blocks and construction elements. Instead every block can now be freely rotated and resized, which gives a lot more freedom compared […]

Space Engineers – Hotfix 198.027

🗒️Hotfix~Thank you for all the Feedback! ➡️Rockets VS Dummies, rockets now win. ➡️Weapon swap animation fix ➡️Fix for failure to join “mod-heavy” server 💻 🎮 Rent your own Space Engineers gameserver at

PixARK – Patch 1.126

Dear explorers We have received feedback that the tribe merge function caused some unexpected problem, we have discussed to unable the function temporary, we apologize for any convince causes, we will enable the function again when the bug is fixed. Fix: 1. Unable tribe merge function. Rent your own PixARK gameserver at

Atlas – Patch 524.10

Ahoy Pathfinders! Well, ladies and gentle pirates, it’s finally here. With the new update and wipe of our servers, players will find the winds of adventure have shifted dramatically and the world of Atlas forever changed. The most significant differences can be seen on the map in the form of Tradewinds. Tradewinds are predictable sailing […]

Insurgency: Sandstorm – Update 1.9.2 Hotfix 1

We’ve released a hotfix for update 1.9.2 that addresses the following issues: Fixes: Fixed an issue where textures from the base game were conflicting with textures from the HD Texture Pack, causing them to display at the lowest available resolution Fixed a spawning issue at Objective D on Tell Push Security Fixed an issue where […]