MORDHAU – Patch #22 – Hotfix 2

This hotfix includes fixes for some critical issues that came up with Patch #22. We are still looking into an issue involving a bug that lowers server performance temporarily, causing desynced gameplay and lag. We are investigating and working on solving this issue, but have not been able to track it down just yet.

Patch #22 Hotfix 2 Changelog 17/09/2021




  • Horses now slow down slightly more when hit by melee weapon


Weapons & Equipment


  • Fists no longer have miss combo windup debuff
  • Maul stab release reduced 25ms
  • Slowed down two handed rock throw slightly again & fixed turncap issue
  • Buffed damage for rock basket, removed ragdolling and reduced knockback
  • Carrot no longer repairs
  • Brawler and Fury point cost reduced to 3




  • Horse respawn time increased by 60 seconds in Frontline and Invasion
  • Fixed crossroads noble receiving too little damage
  • Fixed several Feitoria issues and improved balcony path
  • Adjusted bot spawn points on HRD_Grad
  • Fixed rock issues on Mountain Peak
  • Named Cap points for FL_FeitoriaAlt, the castle point no longer includes basement and first floor
  • Fixed names on FL_CampAlt points and added more buildables to the map
  • Added Anti buildable volumes to problematic roofs on Camp




  • Fixed new 2h sword parry anims having different right/left angle values on CombatTest
  • Removed LongswordNoMissComboTest from CombatTest and replaced it with LongswordNewAnimTestProper – This new longsword on combat test has new animations only on strike ripostes and parry, otherwise same as normal and is the first step to getting anim replacements into live. Also several experimental mechanics changes (CombatTest only)




  • Fixed mortar camera shake
  • Fixed bug where long range projectile paths do not sync up correctly on clients
  • Fixed noble objectives causing a loss in some cases even though they have health left.
  • Fixed flickering of a leaf material on Camp




  • Enemy footstep volume increased
  • Enemy horse footstep volume increased & range increased
  • Lute volume & range reduced
  • Added volume slider for instruments
  • Fixed kill sound issues




  • Fixed an issue where the scoreboard wouldn’t scroll to show the local player’s entry, will now also attempt to scroll the entry into the center
  • Added arabic fallback font, this should fix some cases of invisible names where these characters were used
  • Updated text flow direction to left-right everywhere player names appear

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